If I had to pick a theme that I would consider my daily driver GO Launcher EX Theme it would be this one. The icon set is very extensive at 750 themed icons. The first paragraph of the Market description says 1000+ icons but then they say 750 later on. So I’m not sure exactly what to go with. Either way there are tons of really well thought through and crafted icons.

My biggest reason for always coming back to this one is that aside from the themed icons everything is stock. They didn’t try to make the folders look crazy or customize the app drawer. This keeps the theme very classy and business attired. I’ll always apply this before going to an interview or a meeting so that if any of my bosses or potential bosses see my phone screen I look more like a professional than an android geek. (Even though the later is more true than the former.)

At first I thought the two bucks was a little steep for a theme. After some time considering the amount of work that obviously went into this theme and it’s ability to be a classic that will never go out of style I’d say the two bucks are well worth it. (I’m totally stingy about paying for themes. They’ve gotta be awesome if I’m going to spend a dime.)

Click or scan the QR code below to purchase from the Android Market.

Application: Suave Icons HD for GO Launcher EX
Developer: Tommaso Matteuzzi
Cost: $1.99

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  1. rmc

    While I won’t dispute your description of this set looking “business attired”, I will say the rounded corner square is a veerrry worn out design, almost to the point of boring (sorry).

    However, choice is what Android is all about though!! – right?
    I prefer themes using just the app’s logo without any background or frame.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one.

  2. PJMAN2952

    I remember this theme when I had the iPod Touch 2G. This theme was the best.


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