If this is the first you’ve heard of Team Carbon then you probably haven’t been using CM7. Which is ok. Especially since they have their eyes set on home replacement themes. If you are unfamiliar with those and are still using OEM sense or Touchwiz it’s time to get with the program and replace your home with Go Launcher EX! (Sense is ok, but TW has been the bane of Samsung’s android existence, I wish they’d can it.)

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out four of Team Carbons beautiful Go Launcher EX themes. BloodRed, ElectricCyan, SteelBlue, and SkullGrey. (AdeaPink, and DeepPurple are also supposed to be fantastic. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to check them out.) Not only are these themes beautiful but they are dramatic and bold. I’ve actually had several compliments from people, who know nothing about Android, wondering what I did to make my phone look so cool.

The thing that keeps me coming back to these themes is their completeness. Team Carbon (edint3000, Markyyyy, and 00.ante) is not content to just theme your launcher. They’ve run the gamut on the whole “GO” lineup of 3rd party app. (the Go experience I like to call it.) Obviously (to some of you, others may not know this) the reason for this is CM7’s theme chooser app enabled theming of an entire ROM with just he push of the select button. So really what they’ve done is port their themes over.

But they didn’t stop with just Go Launcher, Contacts, and SMS, they saw the GO Widget app as an opportunity for even more theming goodness. Starting from scratch they’ve done some very nice work on these. I have to recommend the ICS versions of the Team Carbon Go Widget themes. They are really well done. Each widget gets that nice ICS glowing border that just pops them off the home screen. It looks really nice. Also if you haven’t at least tried one of the “GO Experience” apps I highly recommend trying them out. They’re the right price, free, and have so many cool features.

These are just the highlights of what the Team Carbon Go Launcher EX Themes bring. I highly recommend giving them a try. They are a steel at only $.99 for the Launcher. The peripheral themes (contacts, widgets etc…) are free but have donate versions as well if you want to help these guys continue developing these themes.

My personal recommendations are BloodRed and SteelBlue. These two are the best of them in my opinion. SteelBlue’s tone is very relaxing, and BloodRed just looks sweet. (Especially with my ROM’s RedRevelation Theme.)

Features include:

  • 220 hard-coded icons + 110 icons to choose from
  • Fully themed across multiple Go Experience apps
  • Glowing border around opened folders (and around the ICS widgets)
  • High contrast single colored themes
  • 6 wallpapers included more on their facebook page
  • Beautiful Widget Themes for both the Clock Skins and Weather Skins

Click HERE to go to the market and check out all of Team Carbon’s themes! You may also want check out their webpage to see what else they have cooking.

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  1. Tom Snow

    Um, two of them are go widgets. And the big clock is one of the beautiful widget clocks. That clock isn’t themed with a team carbon skin, but there are about 18 TC skins for it.


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