The American Fall is a good time to be a couch potato – and Google is helping to continue this tradition. It’s just announced a whole host of  apps that now support Android TV, including HBO Now,  SHOWTIME, CBS All Access for all those TV itches that you’ve been wanting to scratch. It goes beyond just TV shows, however, with support for Disney Movies Anywhere – Disney’s streaming offering – as well as WWE and UFC app support too. If that doesn’t keep you busy till the end of time, as well as everything that already has support, then you probably have waaaay to much free time on your hands.

Google also used this opportunity to announce that it has some new Android TV hardware partners in Hisense, TCL and “several other smart TV manufacturers”, joining Sony, Sharp, Razer and Nvidia in the Android TV corner. We’re assuming as more manufacturers join the Android TV ranks, the TV heavyweights like LG and Samsung are going to start paying attention.

What do you think about these apps that now support Android TV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Android Blog

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  1. RC

    I just want them and Amazon to get along so I can continue my Amazon Prime membership.


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