You might have assumed that by now all of Google‘s Android apps would have been updated according to the Material Design guidelines that were brought in over a year ago with Android Lollipop – as it turns out, Google Authenticator is just getting its update today. It’s actually a pretty sizeable update for Authenticator, not only overhauling how the app looks, but adding useful features like Android Wear support. I can’t vouch for the app itself since I don’t use it, but most of the Material Design updates that Google’s apps have gotten have made them smoother and easier to use (generally). If you’re not on board with what Google Authenticator does, here’s a short video for you to watch:

Here are the full update notes as per the Play Store page:


  • UI improvements: new theme and icon
  • Support for Android Wear devices
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Developer preview: support for NFC Security Key (FIDO Universal 2nd Factor protocol)

If this is an update for you, we’ve got the Play Store link for you below:

What do you think about the update to Google Authenticator? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. FILA

    I like the addition of wear support. However I posted a comment on the store hoping Google listens. Right now you can either see the codes on your watch in the open, or choose to have your phone unlocked in order to see it on your watch. Well if I unlock my phone I mise well look at the app on the phone. I also dont want my watch to just show a code without any protection from it. I suggested to use your watch unlock pattern in able to view codes on your watch without touching your phone.


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