Google Play Music is a great service that many take advantage, as long as their country has support. Every track or album you buy through the Play Store is instant;y available on all your devices and online. You can listen to them right then and their, or even download them. The buck didn’t stop there though, you can also add up to 20,000 of your own songs to your account and Google would pull the information needed, sort them out for you and swap them for higher bit rate versions.

The more annoying part of the upload process was that you had to install the app to your PC and direct it to a folder on your hard drive to upload form. A necessary component, but a rather irritating one for many. Today Google Play’s G+ page let loose an announcement of a new feature in the Labs section for Google Chrome users. The new Lab option lets you simply drag and drop tunes from any PC directly to your Google Music account.

The Google Play Music for Chrome also has a handy little mini player that can be moved around your screen at will. It has all the controls to pause, change tracks, thumbs up or down , shuffle or repeat. Not to mention the cover art too.

Google Play Music mini Player Running
To get started you will want to head over to your Google Music account on the web. Check the box to enable the Google Play Music for Chrome lab and then save the changes.

Google Play Music Labs
It might take a few minutes to process through and give you the access. It took about 5 minutes for me. Once it is available, you will have a small arrow in the bottom right corner.

Mini Player Google music
Click on it and then you can install the mini player.

Google Play Music mini Player Running
Kind of loving it right now. It is certainly evolving finally. Nice work Google. Now, if the mini player would just minimize and be be resizable. Hey, that is why this is a lab feature though. Give it a whirl and let Google know what they need to change before it makes it main stream.

Via Google Play G+ 

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  1. FILA

    I LOVE Google Music. I take advantage of the uploading music part. Im in the very long process of all my songs going in on Google, but of the 2,000 that is already on there from my collection, its great. This makes it even more better. And Im assuming this will go to Chrombook users also, now they have a way to add music from there chromebooks, which was missing from the past.


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