Up till now, Google Nexus phones have been built through a healthy working relationship between Google and an Android device manufacturer. The symbiotic relationship allows Google to showcase its vanilla Android experience, and the manufacturer is allowed to demonstrate its formidable hardware capabilities. However, reports are saying that Google may be changing its relationship with manufacturers moving forward, adopting a more Apple-esque approach where Google designs both the hardware and software and just contracts out the manufacturing of the device.

While that sounds unthinkable for most Android manufacturers – especially for those who have provided such brilliant Nexus devices – there are manufacturers who would jump at the opportunity. While Google has taken a 15% cut in the past leaving little for the manufacturer itself, it’s rumoured that HTC would be willing to partake in such a scheme as it would give the struggling company a boost in short term revenue, even if their name doesn’t end up on the device itself. It will be very interesting to see how this all pans out in the future as the competition heats up between Google and Apple.

What do you think about Google Nexus phones with hardware and software designed by Google? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: The Information via engadget

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  1. FILA

    I know Im not the only only who feels this way, because Ive seen other comments as well. The 5x and 6P, bezels!! Come on Google. 5x should of had the same specs as 6P with the same size footprint as the 2013 N5. The 6P is such a lovely crafted phone, feels great, but those bezels. Coem on, taking a step backwards from the N6, look how Moto crafted that. Theres over a inch total of Bezel on the 6P. Already to a large phone. I ordered and use the 6P, I sent it back, it made me appreciate and hug my 2013 Nexus 5. Im holding on tight to the N5. Surprised that the N5 was the best selling nexus. Nope. Now if HTC and Google dont disappoint this year, profits will go back up but price tag has to be lower.


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