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It has almost already been one whole year since Google re-branded the Android Market as the Google Play Store. At first, people were furious. Nothing new really, not many people like change. I for one loved the idea, but still laugh when I see “Android Market” press releases and other various places.  The change was for the best though. There is always one MAJOR thing that people still haven’t fully grasped. The Android Market made it sound like it was only a location for people to get things for their Android devices. That assumption is wrong. With Movies, Music, Books and Magazines in the mix, you can read, listen  and watch an early release of a movie on your PC, iOS device and in most cases on your Google TV. It really is a one stop shop now a days.

With the Play Store having a birthday, you know exactly what that means. It means the Google is going to have one heck of a Play Store party. That also means that they will be launching numerous sales on everything available in the Play Store. Since we are a U.S. based site, our devices and web-based Play Store aren’t showing the goodies just yet. However, other parts of the world where it is already March 6th, you guys get to see the awesomeness now. Although we are sure that there are a few apps and games and things trickling through already.

Google Play Store Birthday
So what can we all expect in the morning? Well, there will be Movies up for grabs at just $5 and rentals for just $0.99. Don’t expect Life of Pi to make the cut, but there will definitely be some good flicks to add to your collection. There will $5 Books and plenty of apps at 50% off. Thanks to some screenshot Android Police, we can see Need for Speed Most Wanted, Plants vs. Zombies and FIFA 12 are part of the Birthday sale. It will be an amazing sale loaded to the gills with stuff to grab. We will keep you posted and be sure to share some of our favorite picks of them all.

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4 Responses

  1. FILA

    I cant believe its already been a year, feels longer. I for one hated the new name then, and sometimes still find myself saying ‘on the market’ then quickly correcting myself.

  2. Daniél Lecoq

    I still hate the “new” User Interface even though I’m used to it now. The old was less clogged with adds for what Google think I want.
    Functionwise, Play is better then Market.

    • FILA

      Do you remember the very first market, all black, with a couple little pictures along the top, lol

      • Daniél Lecoq

        Hahaha, ok. Yes, Play is perhaps a bit better then that 😀

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