The official swap from the Android Market to the Google Play Store happened almost 2 years ago. I can’t believe it has been that long. I still vividly remember how anti Play Store everyone was for the first 6 months or so, so much so that people even reverted back to the Android Market and turned updates off they didn’t have to see the new Play Store. As with all things over time everyone became more accepting and now we can’t live without it.

Google Play Store Second Birthday Deal
As with all Birthdays and events that are pretty important in Androids life, Google like to celebrate a little with some deals for us all. The 2nd Birthday of the Play Store re-branding is no different and apparently there will be some pretty sweet little deals rolling out soon. A tipster on Reddit from Australia shared the details. While here in the U.S. I am not able to. However, if you toggle your region to Australia with your tech savvy trickery, you can pull them up. In a nutshell, we should see these same offers posting up on our U.S. Play Store late tonight since Australia is considerably further ahead in time than we are.

The Birthday deals will run across all the various offerings of the Play Store. From Books, to Magazines, to a 24-hour music sale to apps and games. The list that was compiled is particularly for Australian users and we are pretty certain that the U.S. offerings and price tags will be a bit different. Here is the list that has been compiled though.

  • “FIFA 14″ by EA – Free
  • “MOVIE: Disaster Movie: – AU$0.99
  • GQ Australia Magazine Subscription – 30% off
  • “Theme Park” By EA – Free
  • “BOOK: I Came To Say Goodbye” by Caroline Overington – AU$4.99
  • “Heroes of Dragon Age” By EA – Free
  • “Tiny City” by Chillingo International – Free
  • “BOOK: Outback Dreams” by Rachael Johns – AU$4.99
  • “The Sims Free to Play” by EA – Free
  • “MAGAZINE:” – AU$2.99
  • “Need for Speed Most Wanted” by EA – AU$5.49
  • “MOVIE: Vanity Fair” – AU$0.99
  • “Bejeweled Blitz” by EA – Free
  • “BOOK: The Luminaries” by Eleanor Catton – AU$4.99
  • “MOVIE: Thirteen” – AU$0.99
  • “BOOK: Burning Lies” by Helene Young – AU$4.99
  • “Dungeon Keeper” by EA – Free
  • “MAGAZINE: Super Food Ideas” – AU$1.99
  • “Dead Ahead Game” by Chillingo International – Free
  • “NBA Jam” by EA – AU$5.49

Fairly certain NBA Jam won’t go up by $0.50 for a birthday deal. Also, titles that are already free will be free, of course that means there will be specials on in-app purchases or various little party packs, add-ons or little things inside the games.

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for when they are live and do our best to alert you. Alternatively, the permalink for the deals location page has already been outed. Just head to the Google Play Store. It won’t be found on the server yet, but it should come on live later.

Source: Reddit via AndroidGuys

Deals: Google Play Store

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  1. FILA

    Yea, I was one of those who hated the new name but it worked out quite good now. Nexus sale? haha, I can wish thou

    • Stephen Yuen

      Nexus sale will probably happen when the next Nexus is coming out (if there even is one)

      • FILA

        yea, but by then, I wouldnt want to buy the old nexus, I want the new nexus, lol. But there are no nexus phones during the summer, so we have a while to wait for those!

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