google play freebies and dealsOver here in Australia, it’s just passed midnight so I’m just going to pre-empt Father Time for a bit, particularly for those of you yet to wake up on Christmas Eve, and say Merry Christmas! I’m not the only one saying Merry Christmas though because Google has decided to offer a bunch of games, movies, books and music for great prices (or free) as part of its Google Play Freebies and Deals.

The deals featured on Google Play are:


Despicable Me Presents: Minion Madness – Free

How The Toys Saved Christmas – Free

Not Suitable for Children – $0.75 to rent

The Faculty – Free

Push – $0.75 to rent

A collection of 6 pieces of bonus content from the Oscar award winning Argo – Free


Gangstar Vegas – $0.10

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour – $0.99

Monopoly Slots – Free

Dead Ahead – Free

Bejeweled Blitz – Free


My Life Is Yours – Papa vs Pretty – Free

Girls – The 1975 – Free


Spellcaster by Claudia Gray – $0.99

It’s a pretty great list of stuff for free, or as near to free as it gets. For me, the highlight is definitely Gangstar Vegas for 10 cents as it is quite a sizeable free-roaming game a la GTA (note: it will take up about 2.6GB of your storage).

I actually have a sneaking suspicion that these Google Play Freebies and Deals are only available in Australia (these particular games, movies, etc) so please feel free to let me know if these are available to you too or if you have different freebies and deals.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed that readers in the States cannot see these deals; whether you’ll get the deals closer to midnight of Christmas Eve, or if you’ll get a whole different set of deals remains to be see. Anybody else seeing these deals?

Source: Google Play

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