For the longest time, people were crying out for the Hangouts app to have SMS and MMS functionality added to it, and after some waiting, Google granted our wish. It was buggy at first, but after some improvements, it was what we’d always dreamed of. Unfortunately, it seems times have changed and Hangouts for Android may lose SMS and MMS capability at some point in the future – whether it’s because nobody actually uses it or Google just really wants people to use its purpose-built Messenger app, we may never know. To be perfectly honest, the Messenger app is unsurprisingly a better app for SMS and MMS purposes, but obviously it is a separate app.

This news comes to us from a source speaking with Phandroid, who is apparently close to the matter at hand – whether it’s a few weeks, or months, we don’t really know, but it’s best to expect the change pretty soon. What’s not clear is if this change does occur, whether it would affect other features like Google Voice and Project Fi, but they don’t exactly seem that closely related.

What do you think about losing SMS and MMS capability in Hangouts for Android? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Phandroid

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  1. FILA

    Yea this is bullshit. I use hangouts as my only messaging app. Between Hangout messages and SMS, it works great. There was a huge flaw in Marshmallow which broke MMS but got fixed in the latest 6.0.1 update I believe. I dont know why Google would want to separate the app like originally. Back to 2 apps again. Why can’t Google leave well enough alone

  2. kstagg

    Seriously, why do you need SMS/MMS functionality in Hangouts when Android Messenger has that capability now by default, AND it is universal. Nobody has to install that app on their device. With Hangouts however – yes, they’d have to have that installed whether it be iOS or Android. How often does anyone do video conferencing?


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