Google and HTC have a long history together, and rumors are saying that relationship is set to blossom again this year. We have come across a lot of rumors stating that HTC will be making this year’s Nexus smartphone, but we can also expect a Nexus device by Huawei.

HTC devices codenamed “T50” and “T55” were leaked earlier, but we did not get much details about them. We have seen Nexus devices by HTC in the past with the Nexus 9 and the HTC Nexus One. Huawei has recently made the flagship Nexus 6P, porting a new design and better processor. This year, we might see a Huwaei Nexus device along with two HTC devices.

Charlene Munilall, general manager for Huawei’s Consumer Business Group in South Africa, was present for Huawei P9’s launch event and was asked about company’s next devices, where she gave a little hint, probably about a new Nexus device by Huawei. Huawei’s Consumer Business Group General Manager for South Africa Charlene Munilall at Huawei launch event in South Afica said:

“The Nexus product is a very niche product… the techies love it but there’s a very small number of people that buy it. Hence Cellucity only brought 300… into the country,”. The operators generally don’t take up the Nexus device,” . The distributors, our open market, do bring in the device, that’s how Cellucity got it… and that will still be the same this year. We’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way,” she explained.

So we can also expect Huawei’s new Nexus device this year or later in 2017. Android N is about to be released, and if there is a new Nexus device by HTC or Huawei, we can see it running Android N.

Source: GearBurn

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