Still looking for some great deals around the web? Perhaps you need some new tunes to drop into your Google Music account to cast to your Chromecast or play on your new tablet. Google has you covered today. Right now you can pick up the entire Yeezus album by Kanye West free of charge.

Kanye West Yeezus free download
It is kind of funny though, they offer one track for free and all the rest for $1.29 each, but you can get the whole album for free. A great deal if you are in need of some music and Kanye is an artist you like. Head to the Play Store and pick it up real quick before its gone. There is a good chance this is a US only offer, so don’t be surprised if you can pick it up out side of the states.

Small Update: It looks like you can also snag “The Bones Of What You Believe” by CHVRCHES for free as well. Double free albums. Snag it from here.

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  1. adbouk

    I was able to get it from Lebanon, so it looks like it might not be restricted to the US.


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