Not all phones are infected. Verizon Wireless claims they don’t use CIQ. So if you’re saying to yourself, “I just want to know if I’m clear and I don’t want to root!” Lookout Labs has heard your cry and made “an app for that.”

Lookout Labs has made their opinion known about CIQ and you can read it HERE. While they are unwilling to label it a RootKit they understand all of our concerns and made an app for us all. It’s simply called “Carrier IQ Detector.” And that’s all it does, a simple Yes or No. It’s free on the market and is making me feel warm and fuzzy inside! Thank you Lookout Labs! Thank you.

It does not remove CIQ however. For that you’ll still need to root your device and install a custom ROM. If your nervous about that I understand but, it’s really not as hard as you might think. Even though the disclaimer at the beginning of any ROM post may sound daunting and have this looming doom that your phone may be bricked, the reality is the Devs are just covering their butts. There is also usually some method for un-rooting so if your volume rocker breaks and you need to replace your phone for warranty just un-root (test to make sure the break wasn’t from the ROM) and call it in for a warranty replacement, easy.

I really hope this CIQ crap ends well for all parties. I do understand the need for gathering data for the sake of improving performance. Which is why I OPT-IN to CyanogenMod’s data collection so they can make CM better. What Carrier IQ needs to realize is that we’re mad about the lying, invasion of privacy, and the lack of an opt-out option. Also the newer versions of their software shouldn’t record key-strokes, be able to read https, read text messages, etc… (they deny it but it’s true) and should have a list of permissions just like any other android app.



Click or scan the QR code below to download the Carrier IQ Detector from the Market.

Application: Carrier IQ Detecor
Developer: Lookout Labs
Cost: FREE

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