Flip cover case for the All New HTC OneWe’ve all seen the Samsung S-View cover and everybody’s attempts to recreate this flip cover case in one way or another. While this kind of case is tried and true, we’ve been waiting to see if someone can do something original and thankfully, it looks like HTC has. Evleaks leaked earlier today the above image which appears to show a flip cover case for the All New HTC One, but instead of having a window to show notifications, this particular flip cover case looks like it uses holes in the cover to give a dot matrix-like read out. It’s a very intriguing idea and there’s a lot that can be shown on such a read out; it’s obviously not as precise as having a window to your screen, but it can be very useful for just getting general notifications or the time.

Flip cover case for the All New HTC OneA few hours later, evleaks also posted this picture, which appears to show the previously mentioned flip cover case but in different colours. The original tweet that these cases were leaked in also had the following comments: “look for M8 to arrive as a Google Play Edition“. That’s not so much a surprise as the HTC One was also made into a Google Play Edition, but for those of you who like your devices with stock Android, you’ll be happy to know you can go that route with the All New HTC One.

What are your thoughts on this type of flip cover case? And would you get the All New HTC One Google Play Edition? (that’s quite a mouthful) Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Thomas

    Only 3 more weeks to wait for this phone…I became eligible for an upgrade on February 1, but I’ve held out to wait for this new phone from HTC…I can hardly wait for March 25…

  2. David Hodgdon

    That cover looks badass! I’m JUMPing from HTC one to the new one with T-Mobile! Glad I signed up for Jump before they made you pay for half the old phone 🙂

  3. unimurph

    I like the idea however I’m not sure of the benefit without having an OLED screen. The entire backlight array still needs to be fired up for this minimalistic display to work defeating any battery savings the cover could provide. Given HTC hasn’t exclusively used OLED screens ( I think the One S may have been the only model that used OLED through its entire production run even) the M8 is likely to have a SLCD. Samsung and HTC should trade flip covers.

    • Stephen Yuen

      I guess we’ll see; don’t think HTC would make such an accessory if they didn’t consider power usage. Or maybe they just made it anyway 😛


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