Another day, another leak about Samsung‘s upcoming flagship smartphones – except this time it’s their own fault. Thanks to Samsung Indonesia, we’ve now got our hands on a leaked Samsung Galaxy S7 ad which apparently features one of Indonesia’s top athletes, compound archer Dellie Threesyadinda. In the ad, Threesyadinda uses the Galaxy S7 edge in particular to log her fitness regime (with a sneaky Gear S2 cameo thrown in too), even using the smartphone while training in the rain. Check out the ad for yourself below:

The ad also briefly shows wireless charging for the device, and astute fans will also notice that the camera module on the back of the device doesn’t appear to protrude from the back of the device as it did on the Galaxy S6 family. That’s likely to make many a prospective buyer happy, as well as the waterproofing and the rumoured return of the microSD slot. Obviously we’ll have to wait for February 21st before we find out whether this is all true or not, but it’s looking good for those of you who have been waiting for the Galaxy S7.

What do you think about the leaked Samsung Galaxy S7 ad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube via engadget

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