Android Device Manager

In a blog post on their official Android Blog, Google states they will be releasing a service called Android Device Manager later this month. The service will be used to locate your device and manage data; if you happen to misplace your phone, Android Device Manager rings the phone at maximum volume, even if it is set to silent. Devices can be located on a map as well, in case your phone or tablet was left somewhere other than your home.

Phones that have been stolen can also be quickly be erased of all data. The ‘ring’ and ‘wipe device’ options are found in map view. Benjamin Poiesz, Product Manager at Android states that the service will be available later this month on devices running Android 2.2 or above. An app will also be available to manage your device.

This is very much the same as the MyXperia service that Sony launched a month ago for its Xperia devices, but this will be available to all Android phones on Froyo and beyond. The days of losing your Android phones may finally be over, or at least, less of an inconvenience.

Source: Android Blog

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  1. FILA

    FINALLY, Google catches up to apple -tear-. Hated saying that but its true. This should have been established a long time ago, but better now then never. Now they should have an option to set a lock on it if you never had one.


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