Marshall is a brand that many musicians know quite well. The company is probably most recognized for their long-standing history of providing signature sounds in guitar and bass amps. The company does much more than that of course. A few years back they started to produce a line of headphones and even some signature sound Bluetooth speakers. The style and design of their gear keeps with the long-standing visual appeal that their amps have done for decades. Today, Marshall has announced a new addition to their headphone line that should make fans quite happy with the Major II Bluetooth headphones.

Marshall packed all the sound that makes them a major player in the music industry to a set of small, compact, wireless headphones. They use Bluetooth aptX to pump CD-like audio quality to your skull. The aptX connection also minimizes any potential audio/video syncing issues. On the headphones you will find an integrated analogue control knob that allows for easy play, pause, shuffle and volume control. As per the norm, the knob also lets you answer or ignore calls, trigger voice actions or even take voice notes.

Marshall took the wireless experience a little further than others in the market by adding in a double-ended coil cord that also connects to the headphones. The cord packs a mic and remote if needed, but what pushes these a little further though is that the 3.5mm headphone jack on the headphones also doubles as a line out. In simple terms, you can be listening to a killer track and allow your friend to plug into your headphones to hear it as well.

For the technical sound minded, Marshall shared the sound specs of the headphones.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth

I personally have the Marshall Major II wired variant of these and they sound fantastic, look great and are super comfortable. I expect the same level of enjoyment from the Major II Bluetooth, but with some crazy long wireless battery life. Marshall will be launching the new Bluetooth headphones tomorrow, February 26th, in EMEA with a pretty competitive price point of $150. Keep an eye on for their launch in the US later this spring.


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