MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewThose of you who regularly visit AndroidSPIN will likely know we’re big fans of MEElectronics products. They epitomize value for money in the audio products market by combining great audio quality with well-made products with plenty of extras. With their latest headphones, the MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones, MEElectronics has outdone even themselves in the value department by offering a great sounding pair of earphones for just $14.99 USD, and even offering it for the introductory price of $9.99. Let’s see exactly what this will get you.

What’s in the box

MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewIf you needed any indication of what kind of deal you’re getting with the M9 Classic, you need only look at the packaging – no frills packaging means more quality on the inside, or at least, that’s the idea. Inside, you will find the M9 Classic earphones themselves as well as six additional earbuds in different sizes. The M9 Classic also comes with a double layer earbud as standard and I haven’t changed these since I got the earphones. More on that later.

MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewYou might have guessed already from the name of the M9 Classic that they are based on another of MEElectronics’ line of audio products, the M9. We’ve had a look at the M9P (2nd gen) before, and we found it to be one of the best value earphones you can get (read the full review here). The M9 Classic adopts the same 9mm drivers as the M9P as well as a similar motivation to provide great value, but does it with much more cost cutting. We’ve already mentioned the cardboard packaging, but unlike almost every other MEElectronic product we’ve looked at, the M9 Classic won’t be coming with a bag to carry your spares in, though you can probably make use of the ziplock bag you get them in if you needed to.

MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewOverall, the M9 Classic has a predictably simplistic design, with design cues taken from the M9 line. I think it’s quite a sleek design, though the clear, plastic insulation can look a bit dubious in certain light.

How does it perform

MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewAs we mentioned before, the M9 Classic has the same audio drivers as the M9 so it’s unsurprising that they sound almost exactly the same. Much like the M9, the bass and mids are clear and even the highs are well formed – it was just as comfortable playing Savage’s Freaks as it was playing Bach’s Concerto No. 1 and there was no hint of distortion no matter how loud I turned them (without making my ears bleed).

MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewOne peeve I had with the M9P was that the earbud material was a smooth plastic that would often have trouble staying in my ear – the M9 Classic uses a softer plastic and doesn’t appear to have the same issues. If anything, I found myself enjoying the fit of the M9 Classic almost as much as the Denon Music Maniac earphones I declared as my favourite fitting earphones so far – and it’s not second by much. The M9 Classic is also smaller and presumably lighter than the M9 as well, making it a lightweight package to wear and transport.

What I like about the M9 Classic earphones

MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewIt’s hard not to mention the price when it comes to the M9 Classic. With the pedigree of the M9 earphones, even at the full retail price of $14.99, the M9 Classic is a fantastic deal, and the introductory price of $9.99 makes it an absolute steal if you’re looking for something that sounds great, but doesn’t necessarily need to look flashy.

What I don’t like about the M9 Classic earphones

MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewWhile the M9 Classic doesn’t look flashy, it can look a bit tacky sometimes. The clear plastic over the the inner weaved black insulation can look cool up close but in general the M9 Classic looks a bit cheap, perhaps a bit too literally, for my tastes anyway. I’m not going to comment on the practicality of such a configuration, and at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – or the person paying for it.

Final Thoughts

MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones ReviewWhat else is there to say about the M9 Classic? It’s ridiculously cheap and sounds fantastic, which should tick all the boxes for a solid audio option for yourself or something to stuff stockings with later this year. It might not be the flashiest or best looking earphones around, but its beauty is in the way it gets the job done. And did I mention it’s cheap?

The M9 Classic earphones are normally $14.99 USD, but MEElectronics are currently having an introductory sale that brings the price down to $9.99. To make the most of this deal while it lasts, be sure to visit the MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones product page here.


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    Check out the Xaomi Piston 2nd Gen. For under 25USD they cannot be beat for sound quality and premium feel.


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