OK, so this is semi off topic simply because Android has yet to get access to Microsoft SkyDrive. We do know that an app is on the way though, so that reels it back in a bit. With concerns of privacy a major upset across any service, device and company, this little hidden aspect of the EULA for SkyDrive is a bit concerning. After all, SkyDrive is a cloud based storage system where you can upload your files, photos, documents and a number of other things to have access to them via apps and the web across the globe. It is supposed to be yours and yours alone. What you choose to put into SkyDrive is your own business and no one else’s. Not according to Microsoft though.

Their EULA states that no user is allowed to upload “nudity of any sort, including full or partial human nudity, or nudity in nonhuman forms such as cartoons, fantasy art or manga”. Further more the system won’t allow you to upload any files that contain “pornography”, “vulgarity”, “profanity”,”gratuitous violence”. 

If you planned to take screenshots of your favorite kill shot in a popular video game where blood goes everywhere, you should probably not try to upload it to SkyDrive. Similar situation for artist out there that do nude photography or artwork. Don’t even think about uploading a funny nudism cartoon or nude space woman.

When Ventur Beat attempted to get an answer from Microsoft on why the EULA is so specific and detailed against any and all nudity, the spokesperson had this to say –

Any content we find to be in violation of our Code of Conduct is subject to removal — and in rare cases, can lead to temporary or permanent shutdown of an account. We understand no system is perfect. That’s why we are constantly improving our ability to ensure the privacy, security and availability of our users’ data around the world.

Of course there are EULA’s for all cloud storage systems. In a nut shell they are –

  • Dropbox – Don’t break the law
  • Box – Don’t break the law
  • SugarSync – Don’t break the law. Upload anything for personal use just don’t share/distribute obscene content
  • Google Drive –  No “publishing” (read: sharing) content that includes sexually explicit material, bullying, violence, and more.

So the four mentioned above are pretty open. If you legally obtained what you are storing, don’t violate DMCA or other federal, state or local laws you are good to go. But if you upload a photo of you and your wife a clothing free resort with nothing but a smile and a margarita, chances are your SkyDrive account will be shut down. Don’t laugh, a German photographer (the picture above) got his account into some hot water because he did a photo shoot with a couple using his HD7 and they were uploaded to his SkyDrive account for later processing and use.

We can fully understand the need for some sort of protection from storing and sharing DMCA files, applications, crack files and child pornography. We just don’t understand how private files of explicit nature that we may or may not have stored in the cloud is any business of Microsoft’s or anyone else.

Let’s hear from our readers? Will this EULA from Microsoft for SkyDrive keep you from using the service with Windows 8 and your Android device when the app launches? Will you be scared that an image you upload might be to risque for Microsoft and get you banned? Or perhaps you write-up a letter telling your boss off and it contains a lot of profanity and you store it. All of which would get you noticed by the eye in the sky and potentially get your account shut down. Oh, lets not forget to mention, this is built into the Window-Live code of conduct. Meaning you XBox Live account would be in jeopardy, your Outlook account, Windows-Live mail and anything else that is connected to it.

Sources: Ventur Beats and mwpoweruser



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  1. cipnrkorvo

    WHAT?? it seemed to me that recently Microsoft was going in the right direction, trying to protect user privacy more than they used to.
    But THIS! They’re your private files for gods sake!
    Imagine, for example, you use OneNote to take notes about everything, or even write a diary or whatnot. It’s automatically synced to SkyDrive…

    Now imagine you use a paper notepad. Well this is as if you had a representative of the company that sold you your paper notepad that came, and checked every day what you write in your notepad, then RIPS OUT the pages where you write things he judges vulgar. And if this happens too often he takes your notepad away from you and burns it.

    It seemed like Microsoft was going in the right direction, but this is just SHAMEFUL. As people get their data deleted by Microsoft, there will be scandals, and nobody will use Microsoft products anymore, in these conditions! Byebye Microsoft!

  2. Jerry

    First of all windows is pathetic as is Microsoft as a whole. Just work in tech support for one day and you will learn how broken and weak windows is. Windows 8 will be a flop and death of MS, I know I’m not buying Microsoft anything anymore and haven’t for 4 years now. I find apple very clean and I have been very happy with my iPhone, iPad, iPod, power Mac, and Mac book. Not to get into the whole Mac vs PC thing, but I find apple does everything I need without any of the headaches of windows. Just try connecting a new camera to a Mac and theto a PC and tell me which worked.

  3. Jerry

    If you make a decision based on ease of use and practicality you would find yourself buying apple. Forget the apple and PC gripes! Forget the quarrels of Mac and PC, just think about what gets the job done, is easy to use, and is reliable. This clearly is not windows in all of my PC expirences it’s been one problem after another. Mac has always been dependable and has always been easy to use. Working in tech support I have found that more and more people are switching to Mac on recommendation of their friends and family. Their comments are not surprising. “I hated spending the money at first, but it is so worth it, I have no more problems with malware, viruses, and crashing”.

  4. Jerry

    One of the most annoying things for me is that PC’s come plastered with stickers advertising a bunch of garbage to make the buyer feel wow’d. Yeah! Third party softwares that will never be used and will cause the users much grief. Especially with third party wifi adapter software! Why does dell or any other brand for that matter feel it necessary to load software to do what windows can already do? Then ask why ms keeps changing how to get to the network adapters window. Why all the fussing and why all the pointless stickers? When you put an ATI sticker that says ATI 3200 on board, do you really think the buyers even comprehend what it is? No! They just say oooooo! So stupid really! With a Mac it is what it is! Simplicity, beauty, and impressive.

  5. Scott

    So much for freedom of information, and private storage solutions. At the end of the day, if you want to store data (be it pictures, video etc) then the only SAFE way to back it up is to save everything to a pen drive or external hard drive which you can lock away. After MS, whats next? the OS limiting what you can store on YOUR computer?? freeking insane!!! Get a grip MS!

  6. cipnrkorvo

    Big Brother isn’t just watching you anymore. He’s now got his head up your undies to make sure nobody goes there!

    Good thing there’s the new Megaupload coming very soon. all the info you put on there will be crypted and nobody but you will know what there is in there!

  7. JB

    Not surprised. You think your free email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) is “private”? Think again. Not sure how anyone can complain about a free service like Skydrive.


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