If you’re like me and have been waiting patiently for MIUI to come out for your device this’ll curb your cravings for MIUI, well at least for a while.

There’s really not much to say. It’s a custom lockscreen with really good-looking themes. The themes can be downloaded from within the app itself making skinning it with a theme that you like really easy. There are several different designs, whether you like the iPhone-esque slider at the bottom or the cool zipper style, MiLocker has it all. There are also a couple nice Ice Cream Sandwich themes for those of us who want a good-looking, FREE, ICS lockscreen.

There are a couple of things that people have complained about so far in the comments on the Market. I guess if you’re using GO SMS,  Handsent, or some other SMS app that has popup text messages they’ll show up over the lockscreen. Another person complained that none of the themes fit his HTC Sensation’s screen. I’m finding that hard to believe since my SGSII seems to have no problem with the themes. But I’m no expert on-screen resolutions so… The one thing that bugs me is the Chinese characters everywhere. I know that MIUI is a Chinese OS, but I’d really love so see them make more effort in the translation department. (It might just be the themes themselves, I’m not sure)

Other than those minor complaints this is a great free lockscreen that is sure to please your eyes for quite some time.

Click or scan the QR code below to download MiLocker from the Market.

Application: MiLocker
Developer: MIUI
Cost: FREE

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