Happy Music Monday everyone! The last few weeks have marked rather plausible strides for Hip-Hop specifically, as a multitude of artists have been topping Google Play Music and Billboard Charts. Today, we will focus on 3 artists: J. Cole, Kanye West and Wale. As always, in order to view the album via Google Play Music, simply click on the album art.

born sinner

J. Cole’s second studio album, Born Sinner, released on June 25, was thought to be a failed attempt. It was not because of his lacking ability, but rather the fact that he chose to purposely release it on the same day as multi-platinum recording artist and producer Kanye West. However, though the initial fears came true, they quickly diminished as Kanye West’s album sells fell 80% bringing J. Cole to number two on the Billboard Charts (beat for the number one by fellow rap artist Wale). The album has received thumbs up, critically acclaimed for it’s combination of up beat tracks, relaxing songs and storytellers. Fans won’t be disappointed.



As if his name hasn’t been mentioned enough as is, Kanye West released his latest studio title, Yeezus, on the same day as J.Cole’s, June 25. Kanye West has been known for his colorful use of instrumentation and provocative lyrics. With this album, half of that reputation has been fulfilled. Outside of Kanye’s rare venture into the alternative genre (see: 808s & Heartbreak), he is known for hip-hop, and this album more so borders a rock album than a hip-hop one. It started with good steam, but diminished quickly after the first week’s release. There have been mixed reviews about it.



the giftedWale too released his second studio album, The Gifted, on June 24. Despite being overshadowed by the seemingly never-ending rivalry between Kanye and Cole’s album, he currently stands at number one on the Billboard Charts and Google Play Music. The Washington D.C. native is best known for his lyrical ability and hit singles, which are often dance songs or storytellers discussing different ventures with various females in his life. Overall, the album has been well received by the consumer collective and critics, looking to stay at number one for quite some time.

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    Hip Hop/Rap sucks anymore. I dont know if its my age or the new generation or it just sucks.


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