According to the press release Netfilix reports that in the mast 12 months there has been a threefold increase in how much time Netflix users are watching on their tablets. This has spurred Netflix to redesign its interface and make it easier to use and more immersive. The updated UI should be a dramatic improvement over the current system of browsing movies and TV shows that will make discovery of new shows and content easier for the user.


The focus is going to be on the growing Netflix catalog. There will be twice as many titles per screen than there are now, and users will be able to swipe through multiple rows of tiles with bigger artwork.


This newly designed Netflix is now available on the Android Market. So go download for some movie lovin’ for your tablet and enjoy the new experience! (Really wishing I had a tablet right ’bout now.)

Click or scan the QR Code below to download Netflix from the Market.

Application: Netflix
Developer: Netfilx
Cost: FREE (Membership required)

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  1. Ryan Scott

    Issue is… The new update throws DRM errors on the G-Slate so it wont start anymore. They were allowing an option to NOT update for compatibility but they forced this new one and now I am screwed. Not happy with Netflix at this point for taking a working version, adjusting the UI to better suit tablet, but breaking actual function. I rather it be ugly and work than pretty and it not. Just my 2 cents.


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