Today Google announced some new additions to the Google TV line up. Adding in a bunch of new content providers from around the world. It is a step in the right direction as many Google TV owners have said before, we need more content on the devices. While none of the content is U.S. based, they did bring in 7 new providers for you to take a look at. Many of them have quite a large collection of shows, movies, music and news in standard and HD content. In addition, some of the content seems to be translated or at least has subtitles for the English speaking users. Take a look at whats new –

  • PPTV offers high-definition video programming, including the latest cinema blockbusters and TV dramas from Asia. Also available are popular anime series, variety entertainment shows such as Taiwanese Idol and China Super Girl, and live sports and financial news.
  • IslamBox has more than 40 Live TV Channels and over two thousand hours of video on demand in four different languages from around the world. Watch Islamic Channels like Islam Channel from UK, Express News from Pakistan, Peace TV from India, Bridges Television from USA, Huda TV from Egypt and many more.
  • Yupp TV brings Indian TV channels live and on demand to your Google TV. YuppTV today has more than 80 channels available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and Punjabi languages.
  • Raaga offers South Asian music from more than 200 music labels from the region in almost 20 languages. This includes Bollywood content, as well as music in regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and more.
  • Crunchyroll lets you watch Japanese anime and Asian Drama on your Google TV. The app offers the latest anime from Japan in English languages or subtitles, showing new episodes one hour after airing in Japan.
  • Euronews is a web app that publishes news every 30 minutes covering the day’s top world, sport, business, lifestyle and breaking news. Languages available include Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
  • Al Jazeera offers an English version of the Arabic-language news network. This app brings breaking news and features plus background material including profiles and global reactions, and you can watch the latest Al Jazeera programs in HD quality.

They should be available to you right now. I kinda like the new additions. Having the chance to see things that are popular in other country’s really broadens your horizons. I went and took a quick little tour of the new stuff and found a lot of things to like about it. They are all available in the Play Store for you to pick up and test out.

Hopefully Google can start locking down more local content for us. Especially since Google TV is only available in the states.

Source: GoogleTV Blog

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