Google Play Books APK

Google Play Books Get Material Design Treatment [APK Download]

Google turned out a number of updates yesterday that brought a lot of the new Material Design look and feel to more apps. While other updates were just some bug fixes and minor tweaks. The Material Design updates are the one everyone has...
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HelloMoto Motorola a Lenovo Company

Motorola Finally Officially Joins Lenovo

At the end of January word spread quickly that Lenovo would be buying Motorola Mobility from Google. All parties in the mater had worked out the deal and shook hands, but it isn’t quite that simple. It had to be approved by various...
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DROID Turbo and Oppo N3 Now Official! – ManDroid Daily

DROID Turbo official James Franco DROID Turbo ad Another James Franco ad Op N3 Official Oppo R5 //
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Google Play Games APK Material Design

Google Play Games Gets its Material Design On [APK Download]

Are you all downloaded out yet? Google must have hit “publish” at the same time in every department today. We know Google Drive and Google Wallet got some updates today that brought along the fancy new Material Design look...
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google drive

Google Drive Updating with Material Design Changes and Better Ways to Find, View and Share [APK Download]

Keeping up with the onslaught of posts and updates Google is pushing out today is quite tiresome. Over on the Google Drive blog they have announced a pending update that should start rolling out today, and over the next few days, that...
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Google Wallet (1)

Google Wallet Updates with Material Design UI and Ability to Lock or Cancel your Wallet Card [APK Download]

Looks like Google is on a rampage today with a slew of new app updates. Some of which are getting just minor tweaks and improvements, while others are getting complete material design make overs. It is quite nice to see make of the main...
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Vorson BookMark 2500 mAh Battery Bank

[Deal Alert] 2,500 mAh Bookmark Battery Bank is Only 4.7mm Thin and Just $35

Battery banks now a days are a dime a dozen. Major manufacturers have a variety to choose from, but are often a bit pricey. 3rd party manufacturers like Limefuel and Anker make solid products that continuously impress with their designs...
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T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3 Now Available at T-Mobile with Extra Movie Bonus

The T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z3 is now officially available for current and new customers to purchase. The new waterproof device from Sony will set you back $26.25 per month over the course of two years. If you aren’t a fan of the payment...
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Motorola DROID Turbo ad

James Franco features in yet another weird Motorola DROID Turbo ad

It may be official, but that doesn’t mean another weird¬†Motorola DROID Turbo ad featuring James Franco can’t surface. While yesterday’s video showed Mr. Franco showing himself to be abnormally faster on a bike while...
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Oppo N3 is now official

The Oppo N3 is now official, rocking its motorized swivel camera and Bluetooth remote

It’s not like it was a huge surprise, what with all the not-so-subtle teasers, but the¬†Oppo N3 is now official and puts its unique spin on the selfie revolution that is sweeping the smartphone world. As expected, the Oppo N3 employs...
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oppo r5

There’s a new sheriff in town: The Oppo R5 claims the title of world’s thinnest smartphone at 4.85mm

We thought it would be impossible for a phone to get thinner than the 5.1mm thick Gionee Elife S5.1 which has up till now held the title for the world’s thinnest smartphone. Well, that record has today been eclipsed by the Oppo R5,...
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