live rabbit as a phone case

Bizarre: when in Japan, use a live rabbit as a phone case

There are some pretty weird things in our world, but this is definitely one of the more bemusing. The above image was apparently tweeted in Japan earlier this month and was retweeted over 37,000 times. As you can see, the person in the...
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LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R gets global roll out announcement from LG

The LG G Watch R, the other round watch, is finally coming to the world. Well, at least its roll out globally is starting. The first set of locales to have access to LG’s second Android Wear device will be France, Italy, Spain and...
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Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony SmartWatch 3 pre-orders begin on Verizon

Yes, another Sony announcement tied in with Verizon. Today the carrier has officially launched the Sony Xperia Z3v. Along with that release Verizon has also begun taking pre-orders for the Sony SmartWatch 3. The device is priced at $250...
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Sony Xperia Z3v Verizon

Verizon Sony Xperia Z3v is now available for $200 on contract

On October 9th Sony held a press event with Verizon to announce the Sony Xperia Z3v. The news was pretty important for Verizon, Sony and consumers because it was the first Sony phone to hit big red in many years. Sony’s only US carrier...
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Nexus 6 Compared to the Nexus One! DROID Turbo Gets an Image Exclusive! – ManDroid Daily

The Daily is here, so make yourself comfortable as you catch up on some of today’s Android news. The Nexus 6 was compared to the one that started it all, the Nexus One, as well as the previous version that is the Nexus 5. Samsung...
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Droid Turbo 2

Exclusive: Droid Turbo images give us a non-rendered look at the device

Like anyone that is interested in the Droid Turbo has any doubt in their mind on what it looks like or what the specs are going to be. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to see what ever image you can of the device. Especially...
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Google Earth

Google Earth updates with an enhanced 3D experience and easier way to view KML Files [APK Download]

A new update is being pushed out to Googlers who have Google Earth for Android installed. Google Earth first made its appearance on Android way back in February of 2010. Since then is has received a number of updates with the last real...
Inbox by Gmail

Google Launches ‘Inbox by Gmail’ to the Play Store [APK Download]

Google has announced, and released, a new app today that is quite something else really. The new app is simply called Inbox by Gmail. It is just that too, an Inbox for all your Googley things, not just your email. Inbox by Gmail automatically...
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Chromecast Apps

Second Gen Chromecast confirmed by Mario Queiroz, won’t offer up details Though

Love it or hate it, the Google Chromecast $35, or less, media stick is a powerful and practical device. It has paved the way for a slew of new apps to easily share content to the big screen with a few simple taps. It is the sole device...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 10.1

Barnes & Noble Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 10.1 now available for $299.99

Earlier this year Barns & Noble teamed up with Samsung to release the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 7. It was a bump up from the tablet e-readers that B&N attempted to make in past years. The Tab4 Nook is still a thing and is currently being...
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RETRY looks like Rovio Mobile’s latest attempt to make you destroy your mobile device

As if Flappy Bird wasn’t enough, Rovio Mobile has decided to release a new game along the same lines as the virally famous one-button game with RETRY. Assuming a similar genre of 2D side-scroller,¬†RETRY assigns you a plane which...
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