Buttons Icon Pack Review

Buttons Icon Pack Review: Samer Zayer does it again, pushes all the right buttons

Before there was the Arus Icon Pack, there was the Buttons Icon Pack, a beautiful new set of icons from one of our favourite icon designers, Samer Zayer. These icons take their functions literally – they are all buttons anyway. Each icon is round with an effect given to them to...
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HTC smartwatches

Two HTC smartwatches apparently slatted for release in September

With ASUS, Sony, LG and Samsung all showing their wearable technology hands early, we’ve been wondering if HTC‘s rumoured smartwatches will be making an appearance before IFA 2014 in a week’s time. We know HTC has been working on one for some time now – Drew...
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braven 705

BRAVEN announces the BRAVEN 705, a more colourful version of the 710

You’ve probably heard us gush about BRAVEN products before - most recently, I reviewed the BRAVEN 710 and it knocked my socks off with its amazing sound quality. BRAVEN is following up this pint-sized entry with another smaller form factor Bluetooth speaker, the BRAVEN 705. You...
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OnePlus settles for a pre-order system to purchase the OnePlus One, dumping invite system

The OnePlus One could have been the device of the year, and it still might be considered that from a technological and value-for-money standpoint, however its lack of availability has relegated it to a more disappointing place. This problem with availability is entirely the invite system’s...
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super meat boy forever

Team Meat reveals Super Meat Boy Forever at PAX Prime 2014

It all makes sense now. After teasing something called ‘A Voyeur for September‘ which would be shown at PAX Prime 2014, Team Meat has instead announced Super Meat Boy Forever, a refreshed version of its similarly named Super Meat Boy. Some very astute people actually worked...
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Limefuel Lite 15000 mAh battery

[Deal Alert] Limefuel Lite 15,000 mAh external battery pack for $34.99

Just last week we saw the Limefuel Lite battery banks floating about on Stack Social and we tossed out a link on G+. A good number of people picked one up. At that time the sale was ending. Now it would seem they are back on the list of items you can save a little cash and pick up. The...
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Uncarrier 7.0 T-Mobile

T-Mobile getting personal with September 10th event invites for Uncarrier 7.0

Looks like something has gotten under T-Mobile‘s John Legere’s skin again. the bad boy of the wireless industry just keeps pushing, and I like it. Invites to an event to announce Uncarrier 7.0 have started to make appearances with a very interesting message on them, “This...
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Sony teases the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Talk on the town pegs a flagship Sony device slated for Sprint in time for the Holidays

Pigs might just fly and hell just might freeze over. At least in respects to a Sony device coming to Sprints network. Apparently people are talking and sources are legitimate. We aren’t talking about a vendor in Hong Kong talking to some forum site in Indonesia either. No, instead...
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HTC One E8 Sprint

Sprint announces the HTC One E8 in Polar White or Misty Gray

The lesser expensive brother of the HTC One M8, the HTC One E8, is now officially available from Sprint with Sprint Spark accessibility. The E8 is very similar to the M8 with the exception that the body is plastic instead of metal. Basic Specs: 5-inch super LCD display Android...
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Zombie City Defense

[New Game] Zombie City Defense brings holographic tower defense to Android

Tower Defense games are a dime a dozen any more. The basic principal is to defend your base of home or what have you, using a variety of weapons, upgrades and tactics. Some are better than others both in gameplay and visual looks. I have spent many hours playing Sentinel 3: Homeworld,...
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$100 credits being handed out by AT&T with new line activations

AT&T has started a new promotion today for would be and current customers who wish to start  new line of service with the carrier. No doubt this is primarily aimed at the ‘back to school’ crowd and parent, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive of an offer....
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