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Good-bye Nexus 7; Dedicate Google Play Edition device section also removed

Looks like the device section of the Play Store is getting reworked a little bit. Cruising through the main page you will no longer see a separate section for the Google Play Edition devices (GPE). Instead they have been grouped together...
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Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 AT&T

AT&T announces Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 for October 24th

Hey look! Another Samsung device! The less lustrous Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 that launched last summer seems to have been successful enough for Samsung to put in some leg work on creating a follow-up, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. The 2014...
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Gmail 5.0 for Android

Gmail 5.0 for Android will bring the Material Design and support for other email accounts

We’ve already had a taste of Android Lollipop and its new Material Design apps like Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Games, and we can’t wait to see what else Google has in store for us. The next new app we get to...
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Google Play Games 2.1.10

Google Play Games 2.1.10 also gets a Material Design upgrade [APK Download]

  We reported that Google Play Movies & TV got its Material Design update earlier today and now we can say that we have the APK for Google Play Games 2.1.10 which does the same thing. It’s from the same source as the Movies...
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Android devices

Nice try Apple: Apple says 54% of Android devices running a 2-year-old OS

It’s not like we would have expected anything else, but I’m not entirely sure why anybody believes them anymore. Earlier this week, Apple launched some new devices (or something) during which the above slide was shown to compare...
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Squricle Icon Pack Review

Squricle Icon Pack Review: Greg Ives marries squares and circles in beautiful matrimony

Squircle: A squircle is a mathematical shape with properties between those of a square and those of a circle (Wikipedia). And unsurprisingly, a perfect theme for an Android icon pack. Greg Ives, a designer who we’ve featured doing...
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Google Play Movies & TV 3.4.23

Google Play Movies & TV 3.4.23 gets that Material Design feeling and more [APK Download]

With the official release of Android Lollipop, we’re expecting all the Google core apps to be updated with the Material Design UI that everyone has been going bananas over. The next app to get this treatment is Google Play Movies...
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Android L will be coming to Wi-Fi Nexus devices

Android L will be coming to Wi-Fi Nexus devices on November 3rd

If you’re the owner of a Nexus device, you’re no doubt wondering when you’re going to get your first official taste of Android L. Well, we now know that Android L will be coming to Wi-Fi Nexus devices on November 3rd,...
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Nexus 6 is on the Play Store

The Nexus 6 is on the Play Store now, but you can only look and only if you’re in the U.S.

Even if you’ve only been half following Android news, you will know that the biggest news of the year so far has been the announcement of the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and Android Lollipop. While many of those things are already...
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Sony SmartWatch 3 rear

Sony SmartWatch 3 makes its appearance in the Play Store as ‘Coming Soon’

A new Android Wear powered smartwatch has surfaced in the Play Store today. The Sony SmartWatch 3 is Sony’s take on the Android Wear sporting game. The Sony SmartWatch 3 offers much of the same thing the others on the market do,...
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Android 5.0, Lollipop, Wallpapers available for download

Looking to spruce up your current device with a little Android 5.0 love? While Lollipop will allude many of us for a number of months, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little tiny taste. The wallpapers found in the new version...
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