Google Play Store 4.9.13

Google Play Store 4.9.13 brings that Material Design feel to your Device [APK Download]

Ever since Google announced its new Material Design UI overhaul at Google I/O last month, we’ve been eagerly awaiting updates to each of Google’s core apps. We’ve had sneak peeks at what the change might mean for the Google Play Store, but Google UI engineer, Kirill...
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Digital Tattoo Moto X

Digital Tattoos to unlock your Moto X? Yeah, it is Real

At Google I/O they announced the upcoming Android L update. Inside L there were some cool new unlock abilities that would let your device bypass any pins or patterns, they called it Personal Unlocking. The device will use locations that you designate, Bluetooth devices that you connect...
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Asus Transformer Pad TF701T

Android 4.4.2 update heading to the Asus Transformer Pad TF701T

I can remember a time when we all talked about and wanted an Asus Transformer Pad. It was an Android tablet, with a detachable keyboard, that made its self into a laptop. It was pretty amazing when Asus first put them out. Now the line has come down a notch and other OEM’s have...
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HTC Sense Keybaord

HTC Sense keyboard released to the Play Store

HTC is slowly working to follow Google, Sony, Motorola and others by pulling out some of their specific apps and loading them to the Play Store. The newest addition is the HTC Sense keyboard. With every app that OEM’s pull from their deeply embedded custom skins the better for owners...
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iBolt xProDock Docking System Review

iBolt xProDock Connect Universal Phone Mounting System Review

The iBolt xProDock Connect is the latest universal docking station with NFC support from iBolt to securely position your phone in an easy to view position while driving. The differentiator the iBolt xProDock Connect has over its competition is the application they have developed to make...
google maps

Google Maps launched in Hindi language for Indian users

In order to enhance the navigation experience of Android users in India, Google Maps is now available in Hindi. However, you will have to change your preferred language to Hindi if you want to get directions in Hindi on Google Maps. Currently, you will be able to see the names of roads,...
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War Thunder for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Gaijin Entertainment announces War Thunder for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Do you remember that leak we got a few days ago regarding the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller? Well, it looks like it has been indirectly confirmed as Gaijin Entertainment has announced War Thunder for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. This will allow SHIELD Tablet players to play the...
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xiaomi mi4

Xiaomi announces the Xiaomi Mi4, the self-proclaimed fastest smartphone in the World

Xiaomi is the rockstar among Android manufacturers in the Asia region, commanding a formidable, almost religious, following of fans. We’ve all heard stories about how Xiaomi’s marketing tactics sell phones faster than hotcakes, and their latest phone should do the same, especially...
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thl t11

The THL T11 is a budget smartphone with an octacore processor and lots More

The mid range market is a hotly contested one with many manufacturers offering their own take on what they believe is the finest definition of the category. The THL T11 is one such device, and it has an attractive price tag to match. Powered by MediaTek‘s octacore processor which...
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DU Battery Saver Means More Power and More Fun! (Sponsored Review)

When it comes to our precious devices, battery life is crucial to getting through our busy day. It’s hard to believe we didn’t have these devices before, and now if the battery starts running low, we panic to find a power outlet. DU Battery Saver wants to help your battery’s...

Baidu Browser Brings a Different Kind of Browser Experience (Sponsored Review)

Baidu Browser brings you an all new browser experience that is quite different from the rest. Not only is a super-quick browser experience, it also has a news feed and a homescreen to get your favorite kind of information once you open it up. It is really quite interesting, and anyone...
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