LG G Watch R

LG releases new trailer for the LG G Watch R that contains really weird CGI

The Moto 360 may have been the smartwatch to watch the last few weeks, but if there’s one device that can challenge it in the short term, I believe it’s the LG G Watch R. LG‘s take on a circular Android Wear smartwatch looks much more like a traditional watch than the...
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Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi

The Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi is a cool new Kickstarter that combines the best of many worlds

I love nifty ideas, and the Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi is one idea that is particularly interesting. Combining traditional household devices like a touchlamp and Bluetooth speaker, the Smart Lamp Speaker puts a new spin on multi-purpose accessories. Using its companion app, the Smart...
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Motorla Nexus X Nexus 6 Shamu

Mystery Moto devices makes the LG G3 look tiny in comparison, but is it the Nexus 6?

Yesterday image renderings of what the Motorola Nexus device would look like surfaced. They showed us an early look at the front and back of what is supposedly code-named “Shamu”.  Hardware information came along with the renders that indicated a 5.92-inch QHD resolution...
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ANIMALS VS. MUTANTS looks like an absolutely adorable Tower Offence romp

I’m a sucker for adorable looking things, so it’s no surprise that ANIMALS VS. MUTANTS has caught my eye. This new game comes to us courtesy of Netmarble US, the US branch of South Korean publisher Netmarble Games Corp, and sees you attempting to rescuing forest animals...
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Fire Jumpers by RedBlox

Game Shout Out: Fire Jumpers by RedBlox

Every gamer has experienced this scenario at least once - you play this great game but no one else knows about it. Even in this day and age, many great games go unplayed by the masses. With this series of articles I hope to shine at least the faintest of light on those games. Fire...
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Motorola Shamu

Thar she blows: the Motorola Shamu, Nexus 6, Nexus X shows its face (and rear)

While we’re still arguing over what the next Nexus smartphone is going to be called, 9to5Google has managed to get their hands on a photo of the Motorola manufactured device and posted it for all to see. Codenamed the Motorola Shamu and allegedly called the Nexus 6 or Nexus X,...
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HTC ReCamera

HTC’s camera focused accessory makes an early appearance

In about two weeks HTC will be showcasing something new at a press event scheduled in New York. The invite pointed towards a camera accessory of sorts. In a tip from an inside source we heard that the device would be of cylindrical shape, be waterproof, have a 16MP sensor with an ultra...
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Karma Go

[Deal Alert] Pre-order the Karma Go LTE Hotspot for 33% off and get 200MBs of free data

being connected to the internet is a high priority for many. Especially when we move beyond our smartphones and need connections for our Wi-Fi based tablets and laptops. Sure, you can use your phone as a hotspot device and share the data connection, but there are times where that just...
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Star Wars Galactic Defense

Star Wars: Galactic Defense headed our way later this year

What do you do when you have oodles of money and the rights to one of the most iconic franchises ever? You make tons of mobile games as fast as you can with the branding and hope they stick. Both long time fans and new comers alike can appreciate a fun Star Wars theme based game, hut...
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New Moto X

Motorola launches the Moto X (2nd Gen) in India for INR 31,999

Motorola has raised the curtains for its latest flagship device, the Moto X (2014) in India today. The smartphone will be available exclusively via e-retailer Flipkart from midnight. The device featuring high-end specs is priced at INR 31,999 and comes in Bamboo, Black and leather...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available in 140 countries

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available in 140 countries before the end of October

Samsung has confirmed today that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available in 140 countries by the end of October, as well as mentioning that the phone will go on sale first in its native Korea on September 26th. This is a significant jump over the 100 countries that got access to...
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