Over the years I, like many of you I am sure, have acquired a plethora of memory cards. Everything from full size, to mini to micro. Having so many different devices dictates having a couple different card types and sizes. You need one for your digital camera, your phone and your tablet. Assuming your tablet and phone take a card. A more recent problem that I faced was where to keep the ones that weren’t currently in use.  Leaving them in a pile on my desk didn’t seem safe and I know I have already lost a couple smaller 8GB cards because of it. That lead me to look for a solution not just for storing the cards while I was home, but also a safe and reliable way to transport them for travel. Until I started looking I had no idea that anything even existed. Enter the Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case Review

What’s in the Box

  • The Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case

Yes, that is all. Really, what else does it need to have? I would have had to laugh a little if there would have been instruction on how to open the case and place your cards inside.

The card case measures in at 5.55 x 3.27 x 0.85 -inches (140.97 x 83.05 x 21.59 mm) when closed and weighs 0.22 lbs ( 3.52 oz) when empty. Not that a few memory cards will make it weigh much more.

The exterior is a smooth black finish, made from polycarbonite resin. You will find the Pelican logo on the top along with a nice little “OPEN” and arrow on the back. To open the case you flip the latch on the side which clicks down pretty tight.

Inside you have space for all your card storage and travel needs. Both sides offer a 2 x 3 configuration cut into stiff black rubbery foam. On the left you have space for 6 Mini SD Cards and 6 full size SD cards. They conveniently stack on top of each other.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case Review
On the right side you have 6 micro SD card spots with space for 6 more full size SD cards. The grand total is 12 SD cards, 6 Mini SD cards and 6 Micro SD Cards.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case Review
You will also notice a rubber seal on the inside around the rim. Pelican designs their products to be tough, to be protective and to look great. This rubber seal is in place to help protect the cards from any outside dust or water. Yes, the case is water resistant, but a specific warning on the packaging says


While it might be ‘water resistant, it isn’t designed for diving. It does float and I pushed it under in the sink a few times without issue.

Pelican 0915 in Sink


Unlike most reviews that i do that involve sound, battery life or picture quality, this is just a case. It does its job.

The latch on the front locks down tight, but isn’t impossible to re-open. All the card holder slots are form fitting and just slightly smaller than any of the actually cards. It applies just enough foam pressure to the sides of the cards to keep them from falling out and flopping around inside the case. I did flip it over a few times and hit on my hands to see if I could shake the cards loose.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case Review Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case Review

What I like about the Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case

I love how it looks and feels. It feels solid and secure and gives me a sense of security that the cards won’t get outside influential damage and also that I know where all the cards are at all times. I love that the case stacks the cards inside. They really used all the available space inside to give you as much space to carry as many cards as you might need.

What I don’t like about the Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case

This is a tough one. I think Pelican could do two things differently that would make this perfect, not that it isn’t already perfect. I would like to see them offer a full size and micro only version of the case. After all, it is just a glued in rubber foam insert. Would be simple to toss another model number on it and offer 12 Micro SD slots and 12 full size SD slots. The only reason being that I have had and still have no need or use of mini SD cards. The 6 mini SD slots will go unused.

I also don’t like the strap slot on the top side of the case. It didn’t come with anything to slip through it. I would think it would be for a keyring loop that you could then clip a carabiner through, maybe an attachable ring in the packaging would be nice.

Overall thoughts

You might think the few things I didn’t like are a little over critical. You would be right, they are. The Pelican 0915 Memory Card is a great case and a great product. This is going to be a great case for keeping all my cards safe in one location and not spread out in various drawers. It is going to be a a great travel and camping companion that will easily protect the cards and keep me from loosing them.

I know there are a number of solutions out there that offer various things like spring loaded side slots in a credit card sized case, but that won’t always be good enough for some people. Especially if you consider the cost of some of these higher end cards like the 128GB SanDisk at $120. Not to mention protecting the data that might already be stored on the cards you have.

If you are thinking the Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case is exactly what you have been needing, with summer on the way it should be needed soon, then you should pick one up. Seriously, for $17.49 it is hard not to have one if you have a few cards just sitting around.

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