The developers at Crashlytics announced their real-time crash reporting tool is coming to Android this morning. Mobile teams at Twitter, Yelp and Square have been using the tool for about a year.

Crashlytics for Android will work across all devices, delivering analysis about every bug by device model and version. The team is focused on spending more time fixing the bugs, rather than spending time trying to find the issues.

Crashlytics claims they use a multi-step process to analyze your crashes. With fully automated deobfuscation, stack frames are re-processed against your application’s mapping file, which is automatically uploaded to the servers.

The SDK is integrated across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, along with Eclipse, IntelliJ and the beta version of Android Studio.

Crashlytics for Android also adds free access to enterprise-grade crash reporting. The package includes real-time reporting, advanced logging, security features and app stability measures.

You can give Crashlytics for Android a try by visiting the company website.

Source: Crashlytics Blog

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