You may have never heard of AViiQ before, I hadn’t, but they make a small selection of stands for laptops, cases for  iPads and then an nicely put together multi-port portable charging station.  The charging system is what we have to show you today.

The AViiQ Portable Charging Station is a 3+1 USB charging hub that can charge four USB devices simultaneously, including tablets.  One of the ports is designed for passing data too so you can plug the retractable USB cable from the top of the hub into your computer at the same time as charging. The hub can charge even your larger power-consuming products such as my ASUS Transformer Tablet through one of the four ports.

UPDATE: Please note that after further testing and communications with AVIIQ technical support.  We have learned that the charger will NOT work correctly with the ASUS Transformer.

I’ve been using the charging station for a while now, and there isn’t too much to say here, except it’s awesome and real life and space saver for me. When you consider it’s the only solution you’ll ever have to carry with you when you on the road, it’s makes it not too bad.  One thing I hate is carrying around all my charger blocks and cables in my backpack and then trying to find outlets to plug them all in.

Here’s what it looked like with a selection of my devices connected and charging. (and there I am in the tablet reflection.. lol)


As you can see, the system comes nicely packaged in a nylon case for portability.  Inside the case are four pockets designed to hold four USB cables for easy organization and storage.

It’s very nice to only have to carry a single charging system with just a single power plug to charge all your USB devices in one go. The adapter can provide up to 15W of charging power, which is plenty of power to charge all your devices, and charge them fast.


Here’s a nice video about the AViiQ Portable Charging Station courtesy of AViiQ:

I will warn you that this is not the cheapest charging solution you’ll ever come across, but when you consider what it provides and what it saves you lugging around, it’s value jumps considerably.  You can purchase the charging station from the AViiQ website for $79.99

If you want more information and to find out where you can buy this system, head over the AViiQ website and see what else they have.  Just remember, they mainly do accessories for Apple products.

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