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Exercise is something we all need in our daily lives. Recommended amount of exercise is about 30 minutes a day, but even then statistics show only 2% of the US population fulfill that requirement. In comes Fitbit and their amazing “The One” Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker. This is a great tool that incorporates amazing weight loss results by disguising exercise as a simple tasks spread out throughout the day. So while meeting a goal of 5,000 steps for a day may seem overwhelming, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy this goal is reached. You may even accomplish this goal before the day is over. But before I get too excited, let me break it down for you as I review the Fitbit One.

First Impressions:

When I first got the Fitbit One, I was a bit hesitant that it could do everything it was meant for. I mean the battery in my Galaxy Note II weighs more than the Fitbit One. So it is safe to say I was eager to see how well the tech in this little device would work.

Fitbit One Box Contents

In The Box:

  • FitBit One
  • Wristband
  • USB Cable For The One
  • Wireless Dongle
  • Fitbit One Clip


Fitbit Trackers

Activity Tracking:

The Fitbit One has two high quality sensors, an MEMS 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter, that work together to track all of your movements throughout the day. It is this combination of sensors that allow the Fitbit One to track how many steps you have taken, the distance you have traveled, how many flights of stairs you have climbed, and how long/well you have slept. It can also keep track of your caloric intake, but this is done through the app and requires you to input all the info for the meals you eat. So in this case this is more a feature of the Fitbit app/site than the actual Fitbit One.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracking:

The sleep tracking capability of the One is simple. It uses the accelerometer sensor to record any notable movements you make when you are sleeping. To set up sleep tracking, you just press and hold the button (there is only one button so you will know which one) and a timer will start. Then when you wake up, repeat the same process to stop the timer and then just sync the app to your phone, or if you have the wireless dongle connected to your computer (and your computer is on) just get within 15 feet and let it sync on by itself.


Wireless Syncing:


This is a great part of the Fitbit One. It is the first all day digital tracker device that supports wireless syncing between your mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart). This assures that you will always have up to date statistics, and best of all, you can set it to whatever preference you like. This method of syncing is great, but currently can only be done by two Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S3. For those of you with other devices, sorry to say, but you will have to stick to the wireless dongle for now.

Wireless Dongle

If Bluetooth syncing isn’t an option for you, there is no need to worry as Fitbit has you covered. They have included a wireless dongle that can sync with your Fitbit One from your computer. This method works by allowing your computer to sync wirelessly with the Fitbit One every time you are within 15 feet of the dongle. Now of course, you do need to have an active internet connection so it can send those stats to, but besides that, this is still a pretty simple way of getting your latest stats up on Fitbit.

Silent Alarm:

This a small but handy feature advertised for the One as a Silent Alarm. The Fitbit One has a built-in cylindrical vibration motor which allows you to set an alarm via the Fitbit app and wake you up with a gentle but noticeable vibration on your wrist. The motive behind this is to allow you to wake up to your own personal alarm and not disturb your significant other.


I bet you weren’t expecting that feature huh? Well it is true the Fitbit One has a social side. This is a feature that again isn’t really part of the actual hardware. It is more on the side of the Fitbit app and, but it works with the Fitbit One to push you that extra step towards your goal by bringing in other people to your goals. So let’s say you’re the competitive type (like me) and want to start a friendly wager among friends. For example, who can complete the most miles within a week. The leaderboard feature gives you the ability to see how you stack up against your friends during that time and see who is winning. This is just one example of the social side of things you can also motivate a friend or get motivated by friends via the friend-to-friend messaging app(currently only available on the site, coming soon to the app). These are just a few of the things you can do with the social side of things with Fitbit. Oh and by the way I won that bet.

Fitbit Badges


Once again this is a software feature of the Fitbit site/app, badges. This is feature is exactly what you think. Every time you complete a goal you get a badge. Basically this is a good job pat on the back, but digital pat on the back. It serves as a nice motivational tool, and gives you something to proudly display on your profile page at

Fitbit One Battery

Battery Life:

The reported battery life for the Fitbit One is about 5-7 days, but I was able to pull about 10 days of battery life before I needed to charge. Even after the battery died I put it to charge for 1-2 hours and would get a full battery back, which is great and well expected for such a small device. And Fitbit App:

I decided to make this one category just because there are so many things in common, there isn’t much reason to separate them. This is the other side of the Fitbit One experience, the software. This is what really ties all your data from the Fitbit One, and all other information into a great and informative chart. It literally shows your progress from the first day you started using the One, and all the improvements you have made overtime. But that isn’t it; the app and site also offer you some extra trackers that the Fitbit One can’t monitor, for example, how much water you have consumed throughout the day. This is along the same line as monitoring your calories with the Fitbit One because you have to enter it manually, but if you use these extra trackers, you can only gain more insight into your lifestyle.


I did have only two things that bugged me about the Fitbit One. The first was the sensor’s sensitivity. On the first day I received my Fitbit One, it already had 157 steps on it and 115 calories burned. This bugged me because it added false data to my Fitbit profile, and while those 157 steps don’t make a huge difference, it would be nice if I could reset my data completely on my profile and start fresh from zero. The second thing is linked back to the sensitivity problem. Because of those extra steps, I wanted to reset the data on the Fitbit One back to zero, but found that it isn’t possible. You can reset the One, but the data does not get erased and remains even after a reset. This bugged me because I couldn’t accurately monitor my stats down to every single step, but in the end, I just ended up writing down the false counts from the Fitbit One and subtracting them from my totals at the end of the day. These are very minor problems and did not affect my usage of the Fitbit One at all. They were more of a annoyance than a real problem.


  • Portability:5/5
  • Functionality:4.5/5
  • Features:5/5
  • Battery Life:5/5


After a good month with this product, I can tell you this is no longer a review for me, but more of a lifestyle. Every day I aim to accomplish those small goals, and gradually improve upon them where I can. With the small design of the Fitbit One, it is real easy for you to get a workout day-to-day without having to actually feel like you’re working out. That along with the social side of things, truly makes the Fitbit One a great tool to aid in your fitness endeavors. So if you want a great and easy way to lose weight, or just get that minimum 30 minutes of daily exercise, hit up the link below and get a Fitbit One. This has been an AndroidSPIN review thanks for reading.

*A quick side note though. Personally I would hold out for the new Fitbit Flex that is coming out this Spring, as it packs all the features of the One, but with some extras thrown in for the same price as the One. Currently there are no more pre-orders available, but you can sign up for notifications on its availabity here.


4 Responses

  1. Mitch

    I have read that the FitBit Flex will not have altimeter. Do you know if this is true?

  2. Diana

    Just received my fitbit from Amazon and it works great. I’m so excited that I am going to share my Amazon customer promo code with anyone who plans to by Fitbit One: – you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Fitbit One Review

    I think the Fitbit One has a lot of wonderful features. The wireless syncing is great, and I really find the sleep tracker to be interesting.

  4. Jason

    “*A quick side note though. Personally I would hold out for the new Fitbit Flex that is coming out this Spring, as it packs all the features of the One”

    Fitbit Flex does not have an altimeter though, that may be important to some.


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