iOttie One Touch Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy Note II

I love my Samsung Galaxy Note II, it does everything I need it to do. It has great features and is the first device that has actually calmed my upgrade addiction. Simply put, this thing is a beast. Problem I always seem to have though is accessories. With my trip to CES this year I had the pleasure of seeing many amazing products. Tons of cases, some interesting software, and headphones galore. While searching though it started to dawn on me that some of the best cases there are for smaller devices like the Galaxy S3 and, don’t kill me, iPhone. Safe to say this bothered me a bit, I have an awesome device in my hand and a lot of companies don’t even realize how amazing it is. That is until I stumbled upon iOttie. This company makes cases for both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note II so this is what initially drew me in. After talking a bit with the staff there I asked about a car mount. My Note II is a big device so not a lot of car mounts aren’t up to the challenge of holding it up, luckily iOttie is. They introduced me to the iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount which is custom fitted for both the Samsung Galaxy I&II. So after a few weeks later I finally got in touch with them and got one sent to me for review. So without further ado here is my review of the iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount.

First Impressions:

The mount feels a bit cheap but that is a characteristic almost all plastic accessories share. It is in two pieces but is easy to assemble but again this is just a car mount so don’t expect much. It has a simple job and that is hold my Note II firmly in place while I’m driving so it doesn’t need amazing materials as long as it’s sturdy I happy.


One-Touch Click Mounting:

iOttie One Touch Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy Note II One Touch System

So this is the main feature of the iOttie car mount, the One Touch Mounting System. Basically the way this works is by allowing you to literally use one hand in mounting your Note II on the iOttie. The way it works is pretty easy. There is a button in the middle of the mount where your phone goes. You take your device and push it in, then you will hear a click and the sides will spring in and grip your Note II/I. Easy right? To open it you just push the two buttons on the right and left side beneath the extendable arms and button in the middle rises up pushing your device out while resetting the extendable arms to their original open position. Doesn’t get easier than that. While this is meant for the Galaxy Note II I found it works just as well with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Suction Cup:

iOttie One Touch Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy Note II On Dash Suction Cup

This isn’t really a feature it’s just a suction cup that holds the mount to your dashboard. It sticks to almost anything and is really easy to clean. The hold is solid (as you can see in the picture above) and with the help of the suction cup lever it create a sort of vacuum between your mounting surface and iOttie so you know it won’t come off easy. Basically you will never have to worry about your Galaxy Note II mount falling off.


iOttie One Touch Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy Note II Swivel

This is something almost all car mounts share, a swivel. This is a necessity in all car mounts, especially with the Note II.  With a 5.5 inch screen this thing can do more than just make calls. So it is safe to say it will make a great GPS navigator, which tied with Google Now, makes a great all in one device. It only makes sense that you would want it somewhere in your line of sight while driving. So with iOttie you can easy fit your Note II anywhere you need it in my case one the windshield towards the bottom left corner. The swivel allowed my Note II to fit perfectly in landscape mode which is necessary for me because in the portrait position the Note II wouldn’t fit anywhere.


  • Grip:5/5
  • Car Mount Versatility:5/5


iOttie One Touch Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy Note II On Dash

This car mount works perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It can hold my device firmly even with my UAG case on it and does not shake or rattle at all. Overall I am really happy with the iOttie One Touch Car Mount for my Note II and can proudly say that it has earned a spot on the windshield of my car. If you would like to get one of these for yourself head on over to iOttie/Amazon (link below) and check out their other great products. This has been an AndroidSPIN review thanks for reading.



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  1. Willing Tan

    This is really good. I researched many car mounts, bought several of them from Amazon. This is the only one I could use on my Lexus RX270. It’s amazingly strong (suction)! And simple to clip on and clip off. It’s good! Get it.


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