Every day our smartphones are developing past the point of the average computer. We can control other computers from our phone, write a whole document and print it out wirelessly, and even use our phone as our own personal entertainment system and share that with everyone we know. So it only makes sense that our phone is the go to device when it comes to taking photos and videos. There is one universal problem however, the user. See we can record great videos but most of the time those videos are shaky because we are. This is where tripods come in and with the evolution of quality in our smart phone cameras companies are starting to make tripods just for our mobile devices. The first one I have to try out today is the Gorillapod Video by Joby. I also received the Griptight Mount (sold separately) for this review so I will also be using this in the review. Now this is the first time I used a tripod for my phone but I can already tell you Joby has something different here, let me show you why.

First Impressions:

Out of the box I did not expect for the Gorillapod Video to be so small. When I think of a tripod I think of this giant thing that is about 4 feet tall and holds up my camera, but no, this thing is tiny in comparison. But besides the size it has a great feel to it and feels like I can put it anywhere (you’ll find out why soon).

Joby Gorillapod Video Box Contents

What You’ll See In This Review:

  • Gorillapod Video Tripod
  • Griptight Mount (again sold seperatly)


Griptight Mount:

This is one of the main features of the Gorillapod Video, the ability to hold up a smart phone and allow it to be used with the tripod. Now in order to do this it does require that you buy the Griptight Mount, which is sold separately, but trust me it’s worth it. Let me tell you how it works, it’s a pretty simple solution that allows you to put basically any smart phone (below a 5.5 inch screen sorry Note II users) and use it as your camera on the tripod. It is a spring-loaded clamp that you just pull and let go once your smart phone is in. Pretty easy solution and something that other smart phone mounts are using as well. It can also be used with other tripods so you are not only buying a mount for the Gorillapod Video but a mount for every other tripod you have.

Joby Gorillapod Video Wrapped

Flexible Legs:

This is the first reason why I feel the Gorillapod Video can be used anywhere, its feet. Unlike a traditional tripod that use a wide ridged feet that are placed on the ground the Gorillapod Video has feet that can be bent and twisted to any position. This means that if you find a bar, for example a stop sign pole, you can twist the legs around the bar to hold on to the bar. It comes in pretty handy where there aren’t any flat surfaces for a regular tripod.

Joby Gorillapod Video Magnetic Feet

Magnetic Feet:

This is the second reason why I feel the Gorillpod Video can be used in any environment. See the flexible legs are only one part of the “use-anywhere” feel that the Gorillapod Video can provide. The bottom part of the legs on the Gorillapod Video are magnetic. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are capable of holding up to seven pounds, which is more than enough for our smartphones.

Joby Gorillapod Video Clip

Quick Mount:

This is a nifty little feature that allows for the base to detach from the tripod and rapidly switch between devices. This is a tripod after all so with the inclusion of the smart phone support it can also be used with a video camera/camera. The clip is tiny and can be screwed in to all devices without adding any extra bulk. So when you need to rapidly switch from a smart phone to a camera press a button and click in the next device, simple as that.

Joby Gorillapod Video Pan And Tilt Handle

Pan and Tilt Handle:

I was really happy to see this when I opened the Gorillapod Video. It is a basic handle that allows you to pan your camera/smart phone without touching the device. So this is perfect for panoramas or just moving the camera to where you want it to go. Not only does it go side to side but it can also tilt up and down, again this comes in handy for when you need to move the camera up or down to get that perfect shot.

Joby Gorillapod Video Size2


So this is where the size of the Gorillapod Video comes into play. Because it is so small it is the easiest tripod to carry around or just throw in a bag and go. This portability is something not a lot of tripods can offer and it is because of this portability that the Gorillapod Video became my primary tripod when I was on the go.


  • Features:4/5 (it’s a tripod can’t expect much)
  • Portability:5/5
  • Stabilization:5/5


If you’re looking for a portable and great tripod for your Android/iPhone (don’t kill me) device the Gorillapod Video is a great buy. There was however one little thing that bugged me and that was the fact that my Galaxy Note II isn’t supported with the Gorillapod Video (my screen is too wide). This isn’t a big deal though as this is usually the story with almost everything I get and I knew this fact going in so don’t let it affect your decision. Just hit up the link down below and get your very own Gorillapod Video+Griptight Mount from Joby and start recording some great (stable) videos. This has been an AndroidSPIN review, thanks for reading.

JOBY Gorillapod Video

JOBY Griptight Mount

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