Scosche REALM RH656md on-ear headphone review

Scosche make a varied range of products, from chargers and cases to docs, mounts and Headphones. The list of accessories these guys make is geeks playground and the latest gadget they sent through is the Scosche RH656md on-ear headphones.

Scosche RH656md Intro Photo



The Packaging

The packaging of the Scosche RH656md headphones provides most of the information you need. It tells you about the microphone and the volume control, the materials used, and Scosche’s history with electronics.

The headphones are easy to remove form the packaging. There is no assembly or work required. The box also contains an instruction manual that explains how to work the headphones and what devices they are compatible with.  You also get a clothe carrying case to keep the headphones in.


The Fit

These headphones are unlike any others I’ve tried before. The Scosche RH656md headphones are equipped with state of the art sound and comfort technology. When you see headphones are “on-ear” headphones, you might think that they are uncomfortable, and with some brands this may be true, but not with these. Each cushion is made out of Viscoelastic memory foam that reacts to your body heat for a soft but firm impression.  The foam adjusts and ensures that the comfort on your ears is always maintained.


The Sounds

The 40mm REALM drivers inside the acoustic sound chambers create astonishing sound.  so as well as being incredibly comfortable over your ears, they product awesome sounds that everyone should be very happy with.  the base is brain pounding and the highs are crystal clear.

Scosche RH656md Top View


The Controls

The Scosche RH656md headphones also feature the tapLINE control and mic for adjusting volume, controlling playback and hands free control.

Scosche RH656md tapLINE InLine Remote


Here’s a quick video taken from the Scosche website too to wet your appetite.


This item is listed as compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G,iPad (4th gen), iPad mini, iPad (3rd gen), iPad (2nd gen), iPad (1st gen),iPod touch (5th gen), iPod touch (4th gen), iPod touch (2nd/3rd gen), iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, and the iPod classic.  Yes, they do work with your Android devices too.


The Problems

If headphones have to have flaws, I can find a couple. One flaw would be that the head band isn’t as comfortable as the ear piece.  The band over your head is not as soft as the ear pads and it results in some discomfort on your head, although very minimal

List price for these headphones is normally $129.99, but they currently have them reduced to $99.99.  You can always hunt around and try to find them cheaper too.

That concludes my brief review of the Scosche RH656md headphones, I hope you found the information useful.

You can find more information on the Scosche website.


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