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Everyone out there loves a good case. Be it for looks, like the Cruzerlite cases, be it for ultimate protections, like the Seidio OBEX case or for a plethora of other reasons. While cases are primarily considered for protection and added flare, there are some cases out there that are built to look great, offer protection and add a new dimension of device functionality. For instance, there are a number of cases out there that offer a kickstand to let you more easily watch movies and media without holding your device. There is however, another case out there that took the simple idea of a case and expanded it into a full life functioning accessory. Sounds a bit crazy, but once you read the rest of the review and see the images you will better understand how Rokform’s Rokbed v3 case can and will make your life just that much better.

The Rokbed v3 case is made from injection molded polycarbonate material. It is a two piece system, meaning you slide your dive into 3/4’s of the case and then place the bottom clip over the remaining 1/4 of your device. It slicks into place and is securely held in place with a release tab on the rear of the case. Like any other case it offers cut outs for your volume controls, power button, camera lens, flash and speaker. It would be pretty pointless to cover those. Your Galaxy S III slides in easily, but fits perfectly inside and only covers the silver outer lining of your device. None of that information will make you run out and buy one though, but the remaining aspects will sure make you consider it.

Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review
The Rokbed v3 case has two main additions that make this case stand out in. First is the Remote Mounting System, or RMS. This is a two-part piece to the case. On the rear of the case you see a large round hole with four spokes. This is a locking mechanism of sorts that pairs up with the included 3M adhesive mount anywhere RMS unit. Simply peel the backing off and place it on the dash of your car, your wall next to your bed, the back of the bathroom door or where ever you want. You can easily snap your device to it in either portrait or landscape mode with very little effort. When you pick up this case you get the standard RMS accessory in the box. There are a ton of additional accessory items you can pick up for the case and we will cover those near the end.

Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review
The next, and my personal favorite addition, is the Magnet kit. Yes, I said magnet kit. If you noticed that small black, near triangular, rubber patch on the rear of the case then you found where the magnet is. Right behind that rubber is a small, but powerful magnet. Why the heck would you need a magnet on the back of your case?? Plenty of reasons. Ever been stuck under a car trying to watch a ‘Howto’ video and have to lay it on your stomach or the ground? Ever went and picked it up a few times and got it all greasy? Maybe you are in the kitchen a lot and are watching a cooking show for a quick tutorial on how to make something. Or maybe you are just looking for some Netflix entertainment while you are stuck cooking. The list of potential uses never ends. As long as there is metal, your phone will stick to it and stay put. So far I have slapped my device to the side of the fridge, the range hood, the hood and door of the car, the shed in the backyard and anywhere else I was where metal was present. The magnet kit is the single coolest and the most used aspect of this case for me.

Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review Rokform Rokbed v3 Case Samsung Galaxy S III Review
Between the magnet kit and the RMS system, one would think that Rokform would be done. They aren’t though. They have a number of additional accessory items for the case that you can pick up as well. Each one is designed for specific uses and lifestyles. There is the v3 Sports Clip which clicks into the lock on the back of the case and now turns the case into a belt clip case. The clip is made of machined billet 6061 T-6 aluminum.

Then there is the v3 Rokmeister. Again, this will turn your case into a belt clip style case with just a click. The difference here though is that the Rokmeister is also a bottle opener. Cool right? Click it off and open your beer and click it back on. The Rokmeister is also made from machined billet 6061 T-6 aluminum.

Then there is the v3 Lil’Rok. This is a 10pd rare earth magnet that creates extra pull with the magnet kit. The rear is the same 3M adhesive sticky material and lets you stick to nearly and hard surface. We say nearly because those crazy stucko walls and various other materials that are soft and not smooth would be a bad place to stick it.

Then you have a bike mount system. If you ride often, then this is a must have addition. You should check out the video of it below, it is one of the better demo videos they did.


What we liked about the Rokbed v3 case

Obviously I liked how easy it was to get my Galaxy S III inside the case. Wasn’t rocket science and I didn’t have to bend anything to flex it over the S III. I also like that it doesn’t take over more of the front of the device surface than is necessary to hold your S III securely in place. While I really like the RMS system, the magnet kit is quite a bit more handy and useful in my daily life. After all, there is metal everywhere in our lives. The case looks pretty sweet. With a kind of industrial look to it. While I don’t have any of the accessories shown above, I can already see my self buying at least the Lil’Rok and the Rokmeister. How can you wrong with a bottle opener on your phone?

What we didn’t like about the Rokbed v3 case

There always has to be something that I don’t like. While the Rokbed v3 case is pretty damn amazing, there were three slight annoyances. None of them would push me so far as to remove the case and call it a day though. First issue, the cut outs for the volume and power button are not make for fat fingers. I had to press the power button twice on occasion because I didn’t actually hit the button. Slight annoyance, but that was only during the first few days. After that I learned how to hit the button with ease. The second issue is more comical and entertaining really. If the back of the device is facing the outside of your pocket rather than your leg while walking you have the potential to have to stick to metal as you walk by if you are close enough. I can’t tell you how many times my pocket swung out and stuck to the dryer and the car. Also, if you have anything metallic in your pocket with your phone, chances are it will stick to it. Plenty of times my lighter has come out attached to my phone. Kind of handy really. Again though, not so much an issue as it is funny. There really isn’t anything Rokform could do about that, it is a magnet. The final conflict comes from using the magnet kit on a metal surface. No, your phone isn’t going to fall of. It sticks quite well and is very solid. However, I have noticed that if it is stuck on to metal and you attempt to put it in portrait mode, the device will slowly spin down. The magnet location is so low on the case that it is top heavy. I would imagine you might not have that issue wit the Lil’Rok accessory as I have noticed that if you stick the case to a magnet, it doesn’t move at all. It could have been the nature of the smooth surfaces found in the kitchen too.


Design – 4.5/5

Protection – 4/5

Usefulness – 5/5

Price – 4/5

Overall – 4.37


If you find your self switching out cases so you can have a belt clip for work, or the right mount for the car and bike and wishing you could just slap your device to the sides of things without thinking about it, the Rokbed v3 Galaxy S III case is the ticket. It looks sweet and comes in black, a clear aqua blue and clear shock pink.  You get everything you need with the purchase of the case, including one RMS system, Magnet Kit and a screen protector. All for just $45. That is pretty darn good price for how simple the case can make your life. This really is more of system for your phone than just another case. You can see all the accessories, watch a few more videos and place an order directly through Of course you can save a little cash and snag one from the Amazon links below.

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