I’m beginning to think that Samsung‘s latest flagship might just be the worst kept secret in smartphone history. Case in point, somebody in Dubai has gotten their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in black and is selling it for the tidy sum of 4500 AED (that equates to about $1100 USD). The listing on Dubizzle suggests that the device came from the US and emphasizes that you can get it before the device is announced. Of course, this might just be an elaborate hoax, but you can’t deny that the pictures that accompany their listing are of a genuine Galaxy S7 edge (though it’s impossible to tell whether it’s a test unit or not just looking at the device).

Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeWhat is interesting about the photos is that we get a look at the contents below the phone. What we see is a variety of chargers, but no headphones – this does give credence to the theory that this might not be a retail-ready unit, but I’m sure there’s many a Samsung fan willing to risk it to get their hands on one of these a little early.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeAs fate would have it though, the listing has now been taken down, whether because it was actually a hoax, or Samsung has tracked down the culprit. Either way, you’re fresh out of luck. For now.

What do you think about this Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in Dubai? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Dubizzle via SamMobile

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