Global leader in storage solutions, SanDisk, is once again pushing their line up to new heights at CES 2016. While they are sure to have a number of releases, the mobile space is the one we focus on here. SanDisk has announced two new mobile storage solutions today that might turn a few heads. First up we have the Connect Wireless Stick. Two years ago I reviewed one of the first of these little sticks, back when it was a 64GB wireless thumb drive that used an app to connect to multiple mobile devices. Now the company is pushing the unique storage solution even further with a whopping 200GB’s of portable in your pocket storage.

SanDisk wireless storage

It certainly looks a lot cleaner than the first round of devices. The device is password protected Wi-Fi connection that all funnels trough the SanDisk Connect app. Being that it uses a more traditional and speedy Wi-Fi connection it also means it is cross compatible with your Apple, Android, Mac and PC devices. Yes, even your friends can get in on the action. Well, assuming they install the app and you give them the password. A more recent update to the app also allows for AirPlay and Chromecast support as well.

Second the list of mobile storage solutions is the new SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0. This little bugger offers a traditional USB plug to add/remove content from a PC while also allowing you to plug it straight into an OTG compatible Android device. This gives those internally storage challenge devices access to more than enough space for photos, videos, music and documents. Especially when your carrier data limits are nearing max or if you’re in a dreaded “dead zone.”

Dual USB OTG Drive

For the speed junkies, SanDisk quotes the Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 of speeds up to 150MB/s. Individual results will always very.

“With the explosion of content, people need more advanced storage solutions to keep up with the volume and quality of the photos, videos and files they’re creating on their mobile devices,”said Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product marketing, SanDisk. “Our goal is to deliver innovative, intuitive offerings that help them capture life’s great moments without worrying about storage limitations.”

Pricing details place the Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 at $59.99 while the 200GB Connect Wireless Stick will start off at $119.99. The initial press release state they are available starting today through your typical channels like, and, of course,

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  1. fduvall

    What about iTunes DRM protected content? Have they solved this issue yet? With this solved and USB 3.0, this device would be a world beater!


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