T-Mobile continues its efforts to help reinvent cell service. Over the years we have watched them announce a variety of plans, services and promotions that really have helped drive change across the industry. They aren’t perfect, but John Legere certainly pushes some buttons and gets into the headlines. The latest leaked info from the Magenta UnCarrier shows a variety of new plans set to launch in a few short days with data and text only.


The new plans start of as low as $20 a month for 2GB’s of data and migrate all the way up to 22GB’s for $95 a month. The plans all include unlimited text, but will not offer your standard voice calling offering. Here is the full list.

2GB for $20
6GB for $35
10GB for $50
14GB for $65
18GB for $80
22GB for $95

It might seem odd to some, but those that use Hangouts, Skype or other VoIP services for their calls already, it makes sense to cut out the extra cost of minutes from your plans. I find myself utilizing around only 200 minutes a month myself and most of those are calls for work since the work phones don’t have Bluetooth headsets.

For a seasoned T-Mobile customer I am left wondering if Wi-Fi calling will still be an option with these data only plans. I expect answers to that question, and many others that I have yet thought of, to be answered in a day or so.

Could you cut the voice cord and go data only on your phone, or would the lack of telemarketing calls and bill collector dead-air voicemail’s leave you wanting more?

Source: Tmonews

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  1. FILA

    I think this is a great option, I dont know what took T so long to roll this out for, but the prices seem a little high, especially if your using alot of data, may not be worth it


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