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The Amazon smartphone lives, leaked photos show multiple cameras on the front Face

Rumours surrounding a possible Amazon smartphone have until recently just been a pipe dream. Fortunately though, Amazon looks like its almost ready to take on the smartphone market with rumours starting to hot up again, this week culminating in a set of leaked photos of a device that...
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Chromecast $5 Off Again on Amazon and Best Buy

Haven’t gotten yourself a Chromecast yet? Well, what are you waiting for? If it’s a great deal then head over to Best Buy or Amazon, because they have slashed $5 off the price of the awesome little dongle. Sure, it isn’t a huge discount, but saving money is saving money,...
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Samsung Selfie Madness! Cyanogen Inc. Gets a New Logo! – The ManDroid Show

Happy Friday my friends. Time to talk a little Android with yours truly. Samsung definitely has a new marketing strategy that seems to work in their favor. Cyanogen Inc. is growing, which is crazy considering where they were a few years ago. Nice to see that once great ROM turn into...
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Plex for Android is on sale

Plex for Android is on sale from Amazon for $0.99

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Sev Zero Amazon Fire TV and Kindle

Sev Zero is the First Game from Amazon Game Studios for the Fire TV

Here comes the flood of Fire TV news. With the device available to purchase now, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that we will start to see a laundry list of games and apps that have been redone, or built , specifically for use with the new set-top box. The first game to be created...
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Amazon Fire TV TV and Box homescreen

Amazon Announces the Fire TV Set-Top Box for $99

The rumors and speculation surrounding Amazon and their set-top box are finally coming true today as Amazon announces the Fire TV. I am certainly glad it didn’t turn out to be called the FireTube as a patent file suggested. The $99 black box offers a bang for the buck it sounds...
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Amazon Press Invite Set top box April 2nd

Amazon Invites Being Sent out, Set-Top Box Announcement Expected

Amazon has long been rumored to be launching a Amazon phone and a set-top box of sorts. Various leaks supported the notion. When Amazon raised the rate for Prime from $79 a year to $99 a year, I had a sneaking suspicion that they might be ramping up for a new product launch. Primarily...
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project aria

Project Aria, Amazon’s rumoured first smartphone, is still on its Way

We’ve heard whispers of an Amazon-branded smartphone for some time now but nothing has ever eventuated from those rumours. According to TheInformation though, there’s still a chance that this device might be happening in the near future. The news stems from a report that says...
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Amazon Set Top Box

Talks of an Amazon Set Top Box are Revived Once Again

The rumors that Amazon was working on a set top box to sell to consumers have been floating around for about a year now. Obviously we don’t have one yet, but it doesn’t mean that one isn’t on the way. According to recode, “Amazon is currently gearing up to take...
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Star Command is available for free

Star Command is available for free on Amazon, normally $2.99 [EXPIRED]

There are literally thousands of games on Android, but very few of them involve spaceships and red shirts; and no, there isn’t a Star Trek game on Android yet. That game of course is Star Command, a management-cross-real-time-strategy game that includes facets from games like the...
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Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover with Wireless Charging Available for $55 on Amazon

The Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover shined new light on covers with that little flip door, so much that they became a hot commodity in the past year. Now there is a slightly newer version that allows you to wirelessly charge your device using that Qi charging technology. Samsung already...
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