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The ManDroid Show #20 is Now Up for you to Watch! Check Out this Week’s Recap in Android!

Welcome once again my Android friends, to another (hopefully) great episode of The ManDroid Show. I think this one might be the last full Friday show. Hoping to break things off into three seperate videos next week. Tuesday, Thursday,...
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Why Wait, Get the New Google Play on your Phone Now!

Google announced earlier that they are changing the beloved Android Market to Google Play. Adding new features and further bringing us a better experience when it comes to downloading apps, books, videos, and music. Well why wait for...
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Play our favorites

Play Googles favorite games now, 25 games and apps up for only $0.49

Google Play

Google changing Market to Google Play, other apps to get similar treatment within two Weeks

Just when you thought you had a handle on you apps, their icons and what they look like, Google is about to change everything. Soon, the Android Market, Google Books, Google Music and Movies will be renamed under the Google Play branding....
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Android Market Allowing Apps as Big as 4 GBs Now

Until now, developers were limited to 50 MB for the size of their apps in the Android Market. Now this did not really affect the community so much. Developers that had large applications simply had add-ons to download from the market,...
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Adobe Flash Player 11 Update

Adobe Flash Player 11 update lands in Android Market with improved Ice Cream Sandwich Support

Just as I was thinking how slow today’s news was, especially for a Monday, I popped into the Android Market to find an update waiting for Adobe Flash Player 11. The latest version is and brings along with it compatibility...
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New Game Alert: ErnCon opens public beta for new multiplayer Shooter

The Beta for ErnCon, a new space shooter by Android veteran Woo Games, is now open to all Android gamers! ErnCon is a top-down – and very intense — multiplayer shooter for eight simultaneous players over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G....
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Google+ Update

Google+ for Android gets bug fixes and stability enhancements with latest Update

Update alert!! If you’ve yet to check your Android Market today, you may want to do so now. Google+ has just received a new update, bringing the application to version (say that 3x fast, I dare you). While there...
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Domino's Pizza for Android

[Munchies Alert] Domino’s Pizza app arrives in the Android Market – Extra cheese for me, Please!

Got a persistent case of the munchies that just wont go away? Well, you might want to break out your Android device and head over to the Market, where you’ll be pleased to find an instant solution and a convenient way to get that...
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Google Docs

Google Docs gets hefty update with real-time collaboration and More

If you’re a user of Google Docs, your experience is about to get a heckuva lot cooler, thanks to an update which arrived in the Android Market earlier today. The latest version is 1.0.54 and brings with it a bunch of new improvements,...
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Bump 3.0 now available in the Android Market with totally new Design

If you aren’t familiar with Bump, it’s a pretty neat application for Android phones by Bump Technologies, Inc that allows users to share photos, contacts and more by simply bumping the two devices together. If you’re...
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