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TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, the game, headed to Android later this Year

DeNA and Hasbro have a Transformer game headed our way later this year, TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION. The new title will be the official game for the new movie that is hitting theaters June 27. The title is in active development but today’s press release clues us in a little...
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Fresh Deck Poker - Live Holdem Review

Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem Review: A very fast paced, flashy Texas Hold’em Experience [SP]

As you may or may not be aware, gambling apps are prohibited on the Google Play Store, which is a good or a bad thing depending on your predisposition. It is what it is, however, the next best thing for apps that feature games often associated with gambling is the freemium gaming model....
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Assault Team Hans Solo

Star Wars: Assault Team Out Now for Android

Star Wars: Assault Team has just been launched by Disney Interact and LucasArts. The game originally was released to a limited market, Australia, but has now been made available in the U.S. and a few other locales too. The game is a turn based strategy style game that incorporates various...
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Free Apps on Amazon

15 Paid Games/Apps Free Through Amazon, Saves You Over $75

Not even a week ago we let you all know that Amazon was celebrating the App Stores 3rd birthday with a 2 week sale of apps and games. The first few that went out weren’t all that spectacular, but free is free. Today they bring in 14 more games and apps for your downloading enjoyment...
Crazy Taxi City Rush Sega

Sega Gearing up for Launch of Crazy Taxi: City Rush

No drivers license? No problem! Sega’s Arcade classic, Crazy Taxi, is going to making a fresh appearance on mobile in Crazy Taxi: City rush. Sega brought back the original creator of Crazy Taxi, Kenji Kanno, to help keep the game true to its roots, but bring it to mobile. Lets...
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Wind-Up Knight 2 Robot Invader

Android users in Canada get first dibs on Wind-Up Knight 2

The original Wind-Up Knight by Robot Invader was a wildly successful game that everyone seemed to love immensely. The team behind the game have been hard at work to bring the sequel to light in Wind-Up Knight 2. They took everything wonderful from the first game and only made things...
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Game Insight Cloud Raiders Game

[New Game] Cloud Raiders Launched by Game Insight

Earlier in February we shared some details on an upcoming game from Game Insight called Cloud Raiders.  The new title is a an action packed strategy game that takes place on floating fortresses in the sky. In Cloud Raiders, players can fortify their bases with different types of...
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Cloud Raiders Strategy Game by Game Insight

Game Insight Trailer Released for upcoming ‘Cloud Raiders’ Strategy Game

Game Insight is the game development studio behind many games you are sure to have played like, Paradise island, Crime Story, My Country and plenty others. I know I clocked in my fair share of hours on a few and spent more money than I would be willing to tell my wife about. Today they...
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The Original Doom Comes to Android

The year was 1993, and the world was introduced to a sci-fi action, first person shooter, that no one has ever seen before. That game was Doom, and it caused video game junkies to go wild, and parents to go crazy. Players of Doom would assume the role of the space marine nicknamed...
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Badland for Android

Badland makes its way to Android after success on iOS

The extremely popular action adventure platform Badlands by Frogmind has finally been released from its iOS prison and is now available on Android. Badland is a free-to-play style side scrolling puzzle that is dead simple to play, visually stunning and highly additive. It offers 80...
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Amazon Kindle App Bundle Angry Birds

Amazon puts out “Kindle Hits” Bundle, 6 titles for Free

If you happen to have yourself an Amazon Kindle device, then today is a good day for you in the Amazon App Store. Amazon has released a “Kindle Hits” bundle today that brings you 6 great titles for free. The titles bring in a savings of $23.94 if you choose to pick up all...
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