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Android distribution numbers: ICS over 10% but a lot is still way Behind

Well, this is kind of mixed news, on the upside, Ice Cream Sandwich is up by 3.8% from last month, it went from 7.1% to 10.9%, which is not a lot, but it’s getting better. On the other side, 22.7% of all Android devices are running...
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Galaxy Pop

Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus spotted online for India Launch

The Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus may not be a name known to many, most may know it better as the Samsung Galaxy Mini. No matter what you know it as, it is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum as far as devices are concerned. The...
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Epson Moverio BT-100

CES 2012: Epson’s Android-powered Moverio BT-100 – 3D, transparent head-mount display

Let me just start by saying this. For those who have never experienced the Consumer Electronics Showcase, otherwise known as CES — the world’s largest electronics convention held each year in Las Vegas, it is an absolute mind-blower....
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Android makes its way to the Pentagon, with oodles of restrictions of Course

Sometimes we run across a story that is almost so laughable we aren’t sure what to do with it. I find this to be rather entertaining and sad at the same time. The Department of Defense has okayed the use of Android 2.2 for use on...
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Introducing the ARCHOS 35 Home Connect Android-powered Internet radio/alarm Clock

Say hello to the “fresh-off-the-press” ARCHOS 35 Home Connect, which is available immediately beginning today. The 35 Home Connect is an Android-powered portable radio and alarm clock that blows away conventional devices that...
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Eric Schmidt lets loose a statement about Ice Cream Sandwich!

You know there is no such thing as a leak or a slip. Everything is carefully planned and statements are pre-planned. That doesn’t mean that we don’t eat it alive when something we all want to know more about gets mentioned....
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[App] Perfect Keyboard Free – Another Keyboard Alternative

I remember back when you were lucky to have any sort of on screen keyboard. As time and devices progress the on screen keyboard becomes more and more important. Every user out there has there preference and favorite. I know Swype is...
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Androids Next OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, May Hit as Soon As October

Even though so many devices are still trying to catch up to Gingerbread, it would seem that some new information relayed to BGR could put an Ice Cream Sandwich device in our hands soon. The launch of another OS and device that runs it...

Samsung Continuum gets a Hand up – New Froyo Leak Found

Don’t even start with me on this device. No that was not a typo or a misprint. The Samsung Continuum on Verizon is that redheaded step child of the Samsung line up. It was a novel idea with the secondary ticker window. It didn’t...
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AA Battery

[APP] BetterBatteryStats – Helps You Gain Bettery Battery Life

Battery drain has always been a huge issue and a major topic of discussion. Trying to find the sweet spot for your usage and your device can sometimes be a little tricky. Not to mention time consuming, especially if you are constantly...
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HTC Thunderbolt Update Put On Hold, Again

As if that is a surprising statement to read. It would seem that the overly hyped HTC Thunderbolt is not living up to its glorious advertising. With the device still sitting some what uncomfortably on Froyo 2.2 still, it begs the question...
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