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CyanogenMOD Music player, Apollo, gets released to the Play Store

In January of this year we got a look at a new project that was headed into CyanogenMOD at some point in time. The project progressed and changed names to Apollo a month later. Then an APK file was found that worked on Ice Cream Sandwich...
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Shift-Kit v5.0 Turbo!

[Update] EVO Shift Tool Kit Updated to v5.0 Turbo for Latest OTA

The HTC EVO Shift 4G, remember that device? Well it was first released through Sprint on January 9, 2011 and there’s many folks who still have one. Development continues steadily…ish. Well, if you ever received its latest...
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Jelly Bean and ICS Running on 22% of Devices

It is that time again. Time to look at that lovely pie chart to see where each tasty dessert stands in the Android community. Obviously we hope that Jelly Bean and ICS will begin to dominate, but Gingerbread still holds tough at 57.5%....
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Nikon 1

Android powered Nikon Coolpix S800c images Leak

Rumors of digital cameras sporting Android as the underlying OS have been around for a while. Polaroid was working on one that we saw at CES, but haven”t seen since. The more recent rumor came in with talks of a new Nikon Coolpix...
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Nikon Android Camera..

Nikon to possibly bring Coolpix S800c with Android 2.3 and Google Apps on August 22nd

The Android OS has huge potential across the tech boards. From phones and tablets that we already know and love, to watches, clock radios and soon cameras. We know that Polaroid was working on the SC1630 smart camera during CES in January....
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Android Platform Distribution Update Shows ICS Growth and a Sliver for Jelly Bean

Google decided to release the Android Platform Distribution update, showing us just where each OS stands in the world. I remember not to long ago when ICS was just around 11%, and Gingerbread was leading the pack at a pretty high...
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Android distribution numbers: ICS over 10% but a lot is still way Behind

Well, this is kind of mixed news, on the upside, Ice Cream Sandwich is up by 3.8% from last month, it went from 7.1% to 10.9%, which is not a lot, but it’s getting better. On the other side, 22.7% of all Android devices are running...
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First Round of CyanogenMod 7.2 Stable Builds have been Released

  It is almost strange writing about CM7  with CM9 slowly making its way out to us. Thinking any build that is not ICS is just alien to me now. But I shall shake that off, and tell you that CyanogenMod 7.2 is hitting a slew of devices...
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Boeing makes more than jumbo Jets

Looks like they will let anyone make an Android device now a days. Just kidding. That is the point of an open platform after all. Another big name company, know more for jets that get our poor pathetic butts to events, is looking to produce...
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Lenovo IdeaPad A1

Review: Lenovo IdeaPad A1 Tablet

After seeing the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 Tablet at CES 2012, I was anxious to get my hands on one to do a full-fledged review for our readers, simply because I was sure that the tablet was one that could prove to be a strong contender in the...
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Xperia S UI

Bring the Xperia S UI to your Android device Today

On Friday we shared with you guys a set of files that were available for Xperia Play owners to flash that brought the new look and UI from the Xperia S to your device. It brought over quite a few elements of the UI, but was limited to...
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