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HoloPad updates along side beautiful new music Player, HoloMusic

Some of you may have remembered a great little note taking application we shared a while back called HoloPad. It offered just enough with the just the right amount of themeing to it to make it a winner in our book. The developer behind...
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Resizable Contacts Widget ICS 3

[App] Resizable Contacts Widget ICS

 We all know David is the real widget head at the AndroidSPIN family. Others of us don’t use many if any at all. When I came across this resizable contacts widget though, I knew many of you might find it as nice and useful as I...
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Tablet Market

Tired of hunting for Tablet-centric Android apps? Give Tablet Market a Try!

Tablet owners, I’m sure you can all agree — Google Play isn’t always the friendliest of places when you’re hunting for an app that will play nice with your Android tablet. Sure, there’s staff recommendations...
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Glass Widgets ICS is a sleek, minimalistic all-in-one Tablet Widget Suite

While, widgets may be a dime a dozen these days, the waters are often a bit muddied with options that aren’t really all that spectacular. It’s always nice to find that one gem waiting for you on Google Play and you sometimes...
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Tablet P1

Sony Tablet P headed to AT&T on March 4th

You guys didn’t think AT&T wouldn’t let a new tablet slide through to Verizon with out making their own announcement did you? Not a chance. AT&T announced today that they will have the Sony Tablet P instock and available...
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MeMO 171

Asus Eee Pad MeMO 171 set for March 5th release in Asian Markets

The Asus Eee Pad MeMO 171 is not one of the latest little wonders to come from the minds of Asus. It has been seen numerous times last year and has changed dramatically over time. Being an awesome little 7-inch tablet with stylus attached...
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Toshiba Excite

Toshiba Excite X10 hits Carphone Warehouse in the UK

It hasn’t even been a month since we were in Vegas for CES, but it already seems like forever ago. The very first products I got to lay my eyes on was from Toshiba during a press gathering at TAO. Great drinks and even greater food....
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Viewsonic G Tablet Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich has arrived for the Viewsonic G Tablet, thanks to Team DRH!

  As an owner of a Viewsonic G Tablet, I have awaited this announcement for quite some time now, though I was beginning to think it may never actually happen. Before I get into the details though, a tremendous thanks is due to fosser2 and...
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ZTE Optik

7-inch 3G Honeycomb tablet made official for Sprint, coming February 5th

It was only a matter of time before more affordable tablet options started finding their way to carriers doors. Many people want them, but can’t afford $300+ to have the luxury. Unlike cellphones, a tablet is a thrill not a necessity just...
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ZTE not just bringing a tablet to Sprint, V66 spotted in FCC filing for Verizon

Nothing like catching unannounced goodies thanks to the FCC filings being public record. Looks like a new ZTE 7-inch tablet just crossed paths with the department sporting the ever so important 4G LTE logo on the rear. Anyone that has...
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VeiwSonic to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the masses for $170

If you are like the rest of us Americans, then dropping $500 for a super tablet is desired but out of the question. As much we would all love to snag a Transformer Prime, Motorola XYBOARD or even a Galaxy Tab 10.1, the reality of it is...
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