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Powerskin 1

PowerSkin takes Blue Friday a step further, moves the Nexus S extended battery cases down to a Penny and 7 Others!

We shared some information earlier this month about PowerSkin taking Black Friday and making Blue November. Making the whole month a special month on some great extended battery cases prices. It looks like they have gone and one upped...
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Media Converter 7.5

Review: Media Converter 7.5 by ArcSoft, your all-in-one mobile converting Center

When purchasing a smartphone, we love to know that it can do HD playback and has plenty of memory. Being able to put our favorite videos or movies on our devices for viewing can really make your device do more for you. Having owned a...
Touch Recovery

ClockworkMOD Touch available for six more devices, thanks Koush!

When you have an app on the market that is used by nearly all Android users that need to root, you have to keep it maintained and adapting. That is exactly what Koushik Dutta, Koush, has been doing. Recently he released the new touch based...
Boot Manager

Boot Manager gives users the ability boot between 5 ROM’s quickly and Easily

When many of us think of a ROM we think of the argues task ahead of us. We have to get the ROM, put it on the SD, boot to recovery, make a backup, wipe everything, flash it and then hope it all goes well and boots up. It can be a little...

Sprint OTA updates hitting the HTC EVO 4G, EVO Design 4G and Epic 4G, Carrier IQ Removal?

Looks the owners of the HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO Design and Samsung Epic 4G will have an update landing shortly. With the Epic 4G update rolling out now and the remaining two HTC devices aimed at January 24th. Each of the updates brings in...
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Flashlight Notifier 2

Tired of missing notifications due to lack of an LED? Put your cameras flash to Work

Sometimes an app can make or break your user experience. With so many of the newer devices lacking in an LED notification indicator many of us have turned to alternate methods. Many of my Samsung Galaxy S brethren use BLN to make the soft...
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Are you an Flash-a-holic? Android Flasher can help make your life Easier

As many of us are aware, the Android OS is a wonderful platform full of potential. Thanks to Google and a whole host of talented developers we have custom ROMs galore for nearly every device that is out. With out this huge community of...
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Android Boot Times Compared- Epic 4G Touch Vs EVO 3D Vs EVO 4G Vs Thunderbolt. Psst, HTC, This Is Just Embarrassing

Boot times can make a world of difference, see how the Epic 4G Touch stacks up to 3 other Devices

Artem, from AndroidPolice, had a brilliant idea. Lets compare boot times for 3 various HTC devices against the recently released Epic 4G Touch. Why might this be important you ask. Well consider the fact that you may need to restart your...
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@AndroidSPIN Store – Seidio SURFACE Case for HTC Evo 4G

Product Description Crafted from a hard yet flexible material, the Seidio SURFACE Case provides an amazingly thin layer of protection without adding the excessive bulk of other cases. This case consists of interlocking top and bottom pieces...
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The Reveal – Ridiculously Ultra Thin Hard Shell Case for your HTC Evo 4G

OK, so we generally don’t go around touting about other products unless we have had a chance to take a real hands on look at it. Since I don’t have an Evo 4G, that just wouldn’t have happened. While cruising through Griffin...
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[App] BeWeather for Android – Public Beta Launched

We love it when prominent developers on alternate OS’s come to see the light that is Android. The developers of apps for Blackberry such as BerryBuzz, BeBuzz and BerryWeather have started a project called BeWeather for Android....
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