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Android 4.4.3 for Sprint Nexus 5? Sense 6 Coming to Original HTC One! – Device Updates

It is Monday, so let’s see what devices are getting updated. Seems that there is a nice little update rolling out to the Sprint Nexus 5, which just might be the first Android 4.4.3 rollout, but no one seems to no for sure. Let us know if you see a “3″ in your update...
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HTC One M7

Original HTC One (M7) Will See Sense 6 Update in May

One thing that tends to cross a lot of our minds when a new device is announced and launched, is what will happen to the previous model. In this case we are talking about the original HTC One (M7). While there are plenty out there that don’t really care because they root and run...
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New Moto X Name Leaked?! Robert Downey Jr. Returns! – ManDroid Quickie

Ready for Android news quick status? Well sadly, this video is a little longer than I would hope, but at least you get your Android news. The Moto X successor might be upon us soon, which I am actually looking forward to seeing. Robert Downey Jr. returns promoting HTC products, which...
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Robert Downey Jr. Gets Serious in New HTC One (M8) Video

Remember when HTC announced that Robert Downey Jr. was going to show up in HTC commercials? Iron Man promoting the all metal phone seemed like it couldn’t go wrong. Sadly, it didn’t exactly go right, and many of us wondered how much longer Downey was going to continue his...
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HTC One M8 False Benchmarks! Galaxy S5 has the Best Display! – ManDroid Quickie

Welcome my Android friends. Time to give you some of that precious Android news in a hurry. At least I hope it is in a hurry. Last week, I started doing this type of video just to relieve some of the burden of my double life as a workforce, 8-5 worker, and balancing the YouTube life....
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Download All the New HTC One (M8) Wallpapers Now!

The All New HTC One is officially in our lives now, and some lucky enthusiasts out there have already gotten their hands on it. As much as I am jealous of that notion, we are going to start getting some goodies from the New One, and we know how much you guys love wallpaper, so we got...
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BlinkFeed Will Soon be Available for Non-HTC Devices

The All New HTC One has finally been made official, and now that it is officially in our lives, we can settle down and wait for the next thing. In the mean time, some of you may be digging HTC’s BlinkFeed, but you don’t have an HTC One device. You’ll be glad to know...
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htc dot view case

[VIDEO] HTC Dot View case makes for one desperately good looking Accessory

Now that the 2014 HTC One is finally official, now we can find out all its lovely little secrets, including that flip cover that was leaked prior to the device’s announcement. While the leak seemed to suggest that the flip cover would only serve as a notification screen, a video...
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All New HTC One (M8) is Now Official! – ManDroid Quickie

Happy HTC One day my friends. Pretty exciting stuff coming out of the HTC world. The ALl New One is finally upon us and some of you probably already have one. HTC decided that customers can order or go pick themselves up a New One right after they announced it. How nice of them. Let...
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Google Play Edition HTC One M8

HTC One M8 Google Play Edition “Coming Soon” for $699

Just like last year, HTC will be making the stripped down stock Android version of the recently announced HTC One M8 available through the Google Play Store. The GPE One M8 is listed as “Coming Soon” and is carrying a hefty price tag of $699.99. That would be $50 more than...
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HTC One M8 benchmark

The New HTC One M8 is Official, Available to Order Online Now

Earlier this morning HTC hosted an event to announce the anticipated HTC One (M8). The follow up device to the HTC One (M7) that the released last year. Unfortunately we missed the live stream. It is hard for these manufacturers to really surprise people anymore when there are always...
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