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next Nexus phone won't be made by LG

[OP-ED] Why I think it’s likely the next Nexus phone won’t be made by LG

Image courtesy of garminvs.com For the last two years, we’ve all be witness to two of the best value smartphones the Android world has ever seen, the Google Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 5. Both were amicably manufactured by LG, though it’s not quite clear how the financials were...
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New Screenshot Shows Apparent LG G3 UI

With the Galaxy S5 and the New HTC One coming out, it is time to look forward to LG’s next offspring. The LG G3 has been rumored to be announced as early as May, and today, we get ourselves a screenshot that shows us what the homescreen could look like. As you can see by the...
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LG G-Watch

The G-Watch Announced by LG; Their First Android Wear-Powered Device

Hot on the heels, maybe even before, Motorola’s announcement of the Moto 360 is LG’s announcement for the G-Watch. Like the Moto 360, the G-Watch will be powered by Android Wear. LG goes to the more tradition smartwatch square/rectangular look vs the round approach Moto took. Engadget...
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Google Watch Round or Square

LG Made Google Watch Specs get Some Leak Attention

Leaks and rumors are always a fun way to get conversations rolling. A new leak from infamous leakster, @evleaks, has pump out a bit of information regarding the upcoming and fairly anticipated, Google Watch. We have known for a while that LG would be the manufacturer of the device. The...
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[LEAK] Code output alludes to existence of the LG G3 with a 2K Display

Only a few days ago, king of leaks, evleaks, suggested the existence of a device codenamed the LG D850, and short of saying it explicitly, suggested that this device is most likely LG‘s next flagship smartphone, the LG G3. Today, we get another leak from our favourite leaker, this...
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Could the LG D850 be the LG G3

[LEAK] Could the LG D850 be the LG G3?

LG has been getting its fair share of rumours this past month, being linked to the Google smartwatch, the next Nexus smartphone, as well as suggestions its next flagship, the LG G3, coming out as soon as mid 2014. This latest leak, courtesy of evleaks, isn’t going to settle the...
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Nexus 6 Already Being Talked About?! All New HTC One Spotted…Again! – The ManDroid Show

Another Saturday, and another late ManDroid Show. Trying my best to get these out on time, or at least the scheduled day I set for myself. The Nexus 6 is already being talked about which just shows you how the tech world is. It isn’t about what’s current, it’s always...
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nexus 6

The Nexus 6 is rumoured to be a “lightweight” version of the upcoming LG G3

Already this year, we’ve heard multiple rumours that the LG G3 is already planned for a release in mid-2014, some placing it for release in May and some assuming it will come in June. Traditionally, LG‘s flagship devices, at least starting with the LG Optimus G, have served...
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Could the LG D850 be the LG G3

[RUMOUR] We could be seeing the LG G3 as soon as June 2014 according to Source

We’ve heard of rumours surrounding another LG flagship emerging early in 2014 to replace their current flagship, the LG G2. This device, presumed to be named the LG G3, was said to be announced in May 2013, but according to another source that spoke with Giga.de, we can expect...
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differences between Jelly Bean and KitKat on the LG G2

[VIDEO] What are the differences between Jelly Bean and KitKat on the LG G2?

Since the release of Android KitKat, many of us have accepted that the new Android OS is just simply better, though we don’t know exactly how much better it is. Particularly for owners of the LG G2 which was launched running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, it might be a little difficult...
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LG G2 Mini

LG G2 Mini is now official, probably closer to a Lite than a Mini

LG has been hinting for a few weeks now that they are about to announce a smaller version of their flagship device, the LG G2. That device was expected to be called the LG G2 Mini and today that name was confirmed as the device was officially announced. All the major smartphone manufacturers...
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