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Update Coming for Motorola Charm Users (Not Froyo)

Yes folks the title is right. Motorola is prepping an update for the Motorola Charm users, however don’t expect to see Android 2.2 (Froyo). Although I am sure there are many frustrated Charm users out there because they don’t...

Motorola Flipout and Charm Are Not Getting Froyo

Motorola released an update timeline recently, and upon releasing it created quite a stir. Many Motorola Charm, and Flipout users have been waiting for their turn at running Froyo, however this is not meant to be released for the phone....
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T-Mobile Announces Affordable Holiday Deals

With the biggest shopping day of the year coming in a matter of weeks, T-Mobile has gone ahead and announced some affordable holiday deals to make it easier on the wallet if you plan on stuffing your stocking with a new Android device...
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Would You Buy a Cell Plan from Walmart?

In addition to just about everything else you can buy at Walmart, the big-box chain is going to soon be offering discounted family plans. The Walmart Family Mobile plan, powered by T-Mobile’s network, aims to offer an alternative...
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T-Mobile Drops the Motorola Charm to $49.99

T-Mobile has just dropped the price of the Motorola Charm from $74.99 to $49.99 with a new 2 yr. agreement. This entry-level device features Android 2.1 with Motoblur. Having played with this device, the Charm isn’t a bad deal for...
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Motorola Charm Available Today At T-Mobile

The wait is over for all you square liking, social-networking readers who have been following the Motorola Charm as this device is currently available at T-Mobile online or your local T-Mobile retail store. The Motorola Charm is currently...
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The Motorola Charm Gets Reviewed

The Motorola Charm is hitting T-Mobile tomorrow and if you’re thinking of snagging this device, you might want to see the device in action to save yourself the trouble of trying to learn about this device in the store. The Motorola...
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T-Mobile Sets Date for Motorola Charm

With what looked like a fumbled T-Mobile exclusive, the Motorola Charm will be launching on T-Mobile on August 25th. Telus has already launched this device in Canada with the no-contract price set at $249. Originally supposed to come in Cabernet color,...
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Motorola Chindi Surfaces with AT&T Branding

Motorola is definitely the only manufacturer that keeps bringing unique physical designs to the mobile market. With devices like the Backflip and the FlipOut, it looks like they’ll be sticking to their unique guns as images of the...
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Motorola Charm Available Now on Telus

The Motorola Charm was supposed to launch exclusively on T-Mobile in July and then battery issues pushed the device back to an August Launch. While pricing for the device is inconsistent at various T-Mobile locations, it seems that...
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UPDATE: The Motorola Charm Gets Priced

The Motorola Charm offers something a little different than the full touch devices we’ve seen come out lately. This device is obviously aimed at the younger, social networking crowd, as we’ve seen this device in T-Mobile’s...
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