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Patriot Stellar_FeatureImage

Patriot Stellar USB/microUSB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive [Review]

What is it? The Patriot Stellar is a USB thumb drive with a regular USB connection on one end and a microUSB on the other. There’s a small cap that pops off to expose the microUSB side to protect from dust, lint, etc. It comes in...
Seidio Surface Nexus 5 Gold

SEIDIO SURFACE Case With Metal Kickstand Review – Almost Too Snug

As a smartphone user who is admittedly not fond of using cases, it takes a lot to impress me, and even more to convince me to use your product for more than a week or two. I’m very selective and particular in what I look for. Unlike...
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Misfit Wearables Shine_FeatureImage

[Review] Shine by Misfit Wearables – Fitness Tracking in Style

I got a red Shine. Today, I present the Shine by Misfit Wearables. It’s a fitness tracker and watch that comes in several colors including Grey, Jet, Topaz, Champagne, and Red. It has interchangeable bands that transform how it...

[Review] myCharge Hub 6000 mAh Power Bank

One of the gems I received at CES while visiting the great folks at myCharge was their Hub 6000 mAh Power Bank. Note that this has also been listed simply as the 6000 Power Bank, as it’s called in the instruction manual. No matter...
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[Review] Circlons Icon Pack

Circlons.. An interesting name for an interesting icon pack. This is one of the better circular icon packs out there, right up there with Cyrcle. This icon pack features 1500+ icons, all in HD. They truly look beautiful on my Galaxy S4’s...
Anker Astro review

[Review] Anker 2nd Gen Astro and Astro 2 Battery banks, 6k and 9k mAh

One of the joys of doing what we do is getting the chance to not only review some amazing accessories, apps and games, but also the chance to be part of the progression of a company. Over the years we have reviewed numerous battery banks...
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Tylt Wireless Charger

[REVIEW] TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger Puts All Others To Shame

TYLT has always made solid products that are both functional and stylish. That hasn’t changed with the TYLT VÜ, their wireless charger offering that doubles as a handy stand. After a few weeks of using this charger, I’m...
Golfsense Review

[REVIEW] Golfsense – Snake Oil or Savior?

As a not-so-avid golfer, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not awesome on the links. I try to hit the little white ball around as much as I can, but time (or lack thereof) gets the best of me and my swing. That’s...
UE Boom Sound

UE BOOM Why Get One When Two Is So Much Better

Bluetooth speakers, I love them. They are one of my favorite products to review and  every time I get one I get excited to see what this speaker has to offer. Usually Bluetooth speakers have one thing that the company wants to push and...
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[REVIEW] “breathe” Luxury Portable Charger (External Battery)

Since I started playing Ingress, I find myself needing extra juice all the time. I don’t have any other on-the-go options such as additional internal batteries since I have an HTC One, so I find myself plugged into my external battery...
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otterbox defender

[REVIEW] OtterBox Defender Series Cases For Samsung Galaxy S4 And HTC One

The name ‘OtterBox‘ is synonymous with tough, high-quality cases in the smartphone world, and as our smartphones get more powerful, yet also more delicate, it’s always good to know that there is a company that makes cases...
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