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Pelican S130 Sports Elite Camera Laptop Bag Review

Pelican S130 Sport Elite Camera/Laptop Bag is a serious approach to travel [Review]

As Android users, tech enthusiasts and travelers, we often find our selves needing things that aren’t so much Android specific, but more life and work specific. A large majority of you have your phones, tablets and a laptop, probably a Chromebook even. Another percentage of you...

New Android Dialer Leaks?! Galaxy Note 4 to Have Wraparound Display? – ManDroid Quickie

Time for some Android news quick status. the @googlenexus Twitter account leaked out an interesting screenshot, that many are speculating to be the new Android dialer. Galaxy Note 4 might finally see that YOUM display, and Motorola might have a more budget friendly phone. Nothing wrong...
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Android 4.4.2 for the G2 and G-Flex! – Device Updates

Monday funday? Of course not. But hey, Device Updates is here, and hopefully your device is getting an update, or already got one. Android 4.4.2 shows its face to the LG G2 and the G-Flex. You guys out there with an Xperia Z device will be getting your update next month hopefully. Sony...
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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Sony announces Wi-Fi Xperia Z2 Tablet pricing and availability for the U.S., Pre-orders start today

Sony has just announced the availability and pricing for the new Xperia Tablet Z2 for those of us here in the U.S. Sony first announced the new Xperia Z2 Tablet at Mobile World Congress in February of 2014. Right along side the Xperia Z2 phone. WE are still waiting on the announcement...
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‘Multitasking’ Brings its Own Unique Way to Multitask – APP OF THE WEEK

Multitasking is an essential part of the Android ecosystem. It has been there since the very beginning, and finally other operating systems have adopted the much needed feature. Now when it comes to the stock experience of multitasking in Android, some are okay with how it works. It’s...
GOogle Now Tahoe Wallpaper

Series of Beautifully Crafted Google Now Inspired Wallpapers by Alex Pasquarella

Wallpapers are always a fast and simple way to update the look on your device. Most themes and icon packs come with a set of their very own walls that help you achieve an overall look and feel. While we all appreciate the efforts that the creators put into them, there are plenty of other...
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Galaxy Note 4 Gets Talked About! Amazon Phone Actually Looking to be Real! – The ManDroid SHow

It’s Friday…or Saturday! Time to talk about some of that Android stuff we all love to talk about. The Galaxy Note 4 gets mentioned, as well as the Amazon phone that I guess is going to be a thing. If it’s at all like they claim it will be, then maybe it is something...
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NoiseHush Freedom BT700 Headphones Headset Review

NoiseHush Freedom BT700 Bluetooth Headphones Review; Great Sound at a Great Price

When it comes to listening to music, watching a movie/tv show or taking calls, a solid set of headphones or ear buds can make all the difference in the world. There are a number of solutions out there that can best showcase your personal style, your personal needs and your satisfy your...

Stock Android Camera Now in the Play Store! Fleksy Keyboard Update to 2.1! – App Updates

Happy Hump Day guys. Time to talk about some app updates that hopefully you already have. Google updated a couple of their apps today, but the big story is the fact that the stock Android camera is now available in the Play Store. They also added a Chrome remote app to control your PC...
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Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Chrome Remote Desktop App Released by Google Today

Just moments ago we alerted everyone that Google has released the stock Android camera to the Play Store. That alone is pretty exciting news especially since it also included a number of UI enhancements and additional features. Apparently that isn’t all Google pushed out today though....
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Stock Google Android Camera

Google Releases Stock Camera App to the Play Store, KitKat+ Only Devices

Today is not only hump day, but it also the day the Google usually updates app. Some updates are minor, others are major. Then you have something totally unexpected. Not to long ago we let you all know that Google was working on releasing the stock Android camera app to the Play Store....
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