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HTC One M8 with Windows?! Sharp Aquos Crystal has No Bezels! – ManDroid Daily

Sharp Aquos Crystal…now that is pretty. Don’t think any of us saw this phone coming. Just announced that Sprint will carry the Crystal phone that really has no bezels at all. The HTC One M8 is getting released once again, but this time it will be running Windows. Not typical...
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TOuchPico Pico Projector with a Touch side

Android Powered TouchPico pocket projector puts an 80-inch screen in your Pocket

Portable projectors aren’t a new thing. There have been a number of them over years that have popped up, the Brookstone Pocket Projector is one that we looked at a while back. Samsung even gave it a run with a pico projector of sorts built right into a phone. Sprint even has the...
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Sharp AQUOS Crystal Spring

Sharp AQUOS Crystal confirmed for Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

Sharp’s AQUOS Crystal Android powered smartphone is certainly a stunning looking device with its ultra thin bezels.Sprint has officially announced today that they will indeed be the launch partner for this exceptionally interesting phone. To the best of my knowledge, this is the...
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Moto 360 Price Revealed! LG G-Watch 2 Announced at IFA? – ManDroid Daily

Monday is over my Android friends. Time to talk a little Android with you. Best Buy has seem to inadvertently revealed the Moto 360′s price, by posting the watch on their page. $250 is a price we all can agree with. LG might have their successor to their smartwatch, and the LG...
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Flippr Gives You Access to Widgets on All Screens – APP OF THE WEEK

For you widgetheads out there, try out Flippr: a way to access any of your widgets while you’re in other apps. This post is going to be more of a video post, because it’s a simple app that utilizes that floating tool that other apps have used, and all you have to do touch...

Moto X+1 Compared to the Moto X! Moto 360 Needs to be on My Wrist! – The ManDroid Show

Happy Friday my Android friends, the actual ManDroid Show is here. CHanged things up a little bit this week, by introducing the ManDroid Daily to our channel. I figured it was better to have a video everyday of the work week to keep the news flowing to you guys, and the Friday video...
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Galaxy Note 4 Specs Leak?! Moto 360 Release Date Septemember 5th? – ManDroid Daily

Happy Thursday folks. The ManDroid Daily is here. Seems an Indonesian retailer outed the Galaxy Note 4 specs, which is not the first time that has happened with a new phone.The Moto 360 might have a release date FINALLY. September 5th might be a happy day for us nerds that want a circle...
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Motorola Nexus Shows Us Benchmarks! Moto 360 has Great Battery Life? – ManDroid Daily

Welcome Android friends to the ManDroid Daily. It’s hump day, and how about that huge “Shamu” Motorola Nexus phone. Apparently according to a benchmark, the phone  actually has a 5.2-inch display as opposed to a 5.9-inch display. That is relief to some of us, and hopefully...
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OnePlus One Wants your Lady! KitKat Reaches 20%! – ManDroid Daily

The ManDroid Daily is here for your Tuesday. I’m on a roll. Two in a row! Let’s hope I can keep it up. I am sure most of you have seen the debacle that is the OnePlus One marketing. They are trying way too hard, and should just sell the phone already. KitKat has reached more...
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Madfinger Games Monzo

Madfinger Games branching out with upcoming MOZON, virtual model building

Many of you should know the game development company Madfinger Games. They have brought along some great titles like Shadowgun and the Dead Trigger duo. Dead Trigger 2 has probably been their most successful game to date and one that can continuously expand while raking in the bucks with...
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Android L Updated! Android 4.4.4 Comes to the OnePlus! – Device Updates

Monday is over, and what a terrible Monday it was. A great man was lost today, but we are here to talk about updates. Android L Developer Preview updated last week, so hopefully it is running a little better. Android 4.4.4 starts hitting the infamous OnePlus today, so let us know if...
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