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Wi-Fi calling coming to AT&T, just not until 2015

T-Mobile won’t be the only carrier with Wi-Fi calling, AT&T is committing to bringing it to their customers as well. It just won’t become a reality until sometime in 2015.┬áRalph De La Vega, president and CEO of AT&T’s new Mobile and Business Solutions group...
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Android apps on Chome OS

Google brings Android apps to Chrome OS, starts off slow

At Google I/O the Android and Google community were in awe at Google’s plans for the future. We saw Android L, Material Design, screen mirroring for Chromecast, Android TV and Android Auto. Something else that came out of the Google I/O conference was the long-awaited hope and dream...

Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice! OnePlus One Welcomes the iPhone 6! – ManDroid Daily

Happy Hump Day Android friends. The Daily is here. Google Hangouts finally gets its Google Voice integration. A lot of us out there are happy about that. The OnePlus One guys are still treating their marketing with slight stupidity, but at least they’re trying to be different....
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Nexus logo

NVIDIA legal documents name HTC Nexus 9 with Tegra K1 expected in Q3

When you get caught up in a legal battle over patents and other things, there is a chance that a pending device or technology will end up getting named to further back your claim. In some industries those things go unnoticed or are fairly unimportant if the availability is close at hand....
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New Hangouts v2.3 update brings tabs and Google Voice Integration [APK Download]

As we are sure many of you Googlers are aware, there is an update rolling out for Hangouts. The update moves to v2.3, which is a pretty large version change from the previous 2.1 that was available. With a large number change we expect large changes. Google certainly delivered quite a...
Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer lands in the Play Store to allow you to make voice calls via Hangouts

Last night the talk of the town centered around an update that started filtering out for our beloved Google Hangouts app. The update moved it to version 2.3 and gave it a bit of an overhaul in the looks department. More importantly though, it added in the long, and maybe way overdue,...

Android L to be Called Lion?! HTC may Abandon Smartwatch Production. – ManDroid Daily

Looks like Android L might get a name that isn’t so much a dessert, but the king of the damn jungle. Rumors of course. Nothing to get upset about; although the rumor suggests that the Lion name comes from the Nestle’s Lion Bar, and we know Android is still tied to Nestle...
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Patriot Fuel iON Galaxy S4

Patriot Fuel iON Wireless Charging kits cover home, office and auto with magnetic charging ease [Review]

We have been working with Patriot since CES in January 2013. While many might know them from their computer RAM offerings, the company has more recently started to put their talents to work in the mobile sphere. Some of the first products we were able to use were the Patriot Fuel+ battery...

Moto 360 Leaked Images! Samsung Introduces New Rugged Tablet – ManDroid Daily

Hello Android friends. Hopefully your Thursday is treating you greatly. IFA hits day 2, and Samsung keeps their dominance going by introducing w new rugged tablet. The Moto 360 sees more leaked images, that show just how sexy that charging dock is. It’s like having an alarm clock...
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New Moto X

The New Moto X, Moto 360 and Mini Bluetooth Moto Hint have official Videos

Looks like it game time for Motorola and their suite of new offerings. We know they are bringing the new Moto X, Moto G, the Moto 360 and mini Bluetooth earbud of sorts. While some valued members of the press got to have some nice hands on time earlier today, the rest of us have to wait...
Moto 360 battery life

Looks like someone is in trouble, Moto 360 images surface online

Everyone that has impatiently been waiting for the Moto360 to finally make its appearance were sorely beaten today when they found out the event was a behind closed doors event for the press. The actual news of the Android Wear toting watch everyone wants is actually going to start going...
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