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Android and the G1 Turned 5 Today. Let’s Celebrate!

5 years ago today, Google unveiled a new device they were working on called the G1. On the G1 there was this new mobile OS called Android. Little did they know they were changing history. The HTC G1, or also referred to as the T-Mobile...
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The T-Mobile G1 Says it wants some Jelly Bean and Gets It

I was wondering when someone was going to have the stones to port some Jelly Bean over to the one that started it all, the T-Mobile G1. The G1 has seen ports of every OS. We were all pretty surprised when it some ICS, and now it gets...
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Ice Cream Sandwich on the G1?! Yes, it is True

Talk about some crazy developers. I love it. I truly did not think anyone was really going to try to get some Ice Cream Sandwich on the phone that started it all, the T-Mobile G1. Should have realized that at least one developer was going...
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Is overclocking a thing of the past?

With devices having faster and faster processors what is the point? The Asus Transformer Prime is reported to have a quad-core cpu and with the new Snapdragon S3 processors already clocked at 1.5 gHz and the S4 having a max clock at 2.5...
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@AndroidSPIN Store – HTC Battery Door for T-Mobile G1, Still alive and Kickin’

Product Description Lost, broke, or damaged your battery door? No problem! We have you covered! This battery door manufactured by HTC is compatible and will fit perfectly on your T-Mobile G1. Works with: T-Mobile G1 Yup, we still...

Does GO Launcher EX have what it takes? Yeah I think so…

So many launchers, so little time. The unique beauty about the Android OS, is the splendid ability to customize the phone, where it turns it from the ugly girl with glasses who likes to paint her fegs, to the hot girl dancing in the red...

@AndroidSPIN Store – Smartphone Experts Mini USB Stereo Adapter

Product Description This 1.5 inches adapter converts the HTC Hero (Unlocked), Magic, Hero, T-Mobile myTouch Fender, T-Mobile myTouch 3G, or T-Mobile G1 built-in mini USB jack into a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack – perfect for...
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[HOWTO] Use Apps to Make Your Own Ringtones

Everyone out there is or was a noob at some point or another. The greatest Android devs started some where asking questions and learning. You would be surprised at how often I have been asked how to get or make your own own ring tones....

Droid Incredible Users can Boot up to 5 ROMs Independantly

When dual boot was enabled for the HD2, allowing you to boot windows or Android, I nearly lost my mind. Not that I cared to boot into windows all that often but when I needed to it was available. Long before that I was a ROM flashing fiend...
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T-Mobile G2 Fails to sell. G2 users to be offered myTouch 4G Slide as Replacements!

One of our guys called in to T-Mobile because they had a problem with their myTouch 4G and started asking the Customer Service Representative (CSR) what they knew about the T-Mobile G2 going End-Of-Life (EOL).  Apparently the CSR first...

@AmazonAppStore FREE App of the Day – Abduction! 2

Amazon has released their FREE app of the day, and today we have Abduction! 2 by Psym Mobile.  Ahh, the good old days!  Abduction! 1 has a soft spot in our hearts.  It was the very first game that got both my wife and I addicted to...
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