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HTC Announcing an Ubuntu Tablet at Tomorrow’s Event?

Finally HTC. You are using those heads of yours. Before we have read reports that HTC was getting out of the Android tablet market. Everyone thought they would be going to windows 8 tablets, but a new picture that appeared on Ubuntu’s website might suggest otherwise. The image...
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Nexus 7 Catches Fire while Charging. Take a Look at the Aftermath

Shield your eyes if you have a weak stomach. It is definitely not pretty. Seems that an owner of a Nexus 7 left his little tablet charging like normal, and it suddenly caught on fire. He then took it to the local burn unit, but the Nexus 7 did not make it out alive. I blame Apple. Anybody...
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Nexus 10 Spotted at Wal-Mart by Shopper

November 13th, is when the highly anticipated 10-inch bad boy tablet, the Nexus 10, is set to release, but it seems that Wal-Mart is getting a little too anxious about it. Last night, a shopper that went into their local Wal-Mart, and stumbled on Nexus 10 just sitting on the shelf...
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Quad-core Processors? No. Intel Wants to Bring 48-core Processors to Mobile

I know what you are thinking. Did I type that title right? I thought that same thing when I read the articles that led me to bring this topic to you guys. Here we are getting excited to get quad-core processors in our devices, when Intel is talking about 48-core processors in our phones...
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Lovers of mobile gaming, check out the “Wikipad”

I myself prefer console gaming over mobile play. Good-old-fashion, sitting at home laziness. But with a lot of the newer tablets and phones, like the Galaxy S III and Transformer Prime Infinity, it is sort of changing the my mind, as well as others interested in playing “on-the-go”. To...
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KT Spider

KT Spider Android project transforms your device into a life Style

Continuing on with my previous post about the ASUS Padfone, I also came across another company on the cutting edge of simplifying your life and improving your life style. We have seen the docking stations for the Atrix, we have seen the Xperia Play and we have heard rumors of a tablet/phone...
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Pick up a new Honeycomb tablet for $80 off, one month special Only

We have been pretty excited about the GIT Media Groups latest tablet venture. We had a chance to play around with a unit for a short period of time and it was extremely nice. There were a few things that they were finalizing on the tablet at the time, but it still performed really...
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DirectTV launches NFL Sunday Ticket app, Brings all the Football you can handle to your Honeycomb Tablet

If you were to walk into my house and ask me if I caught Sundays game my response would be simple, “Nope, who played?” I am so far disconnected from sports that it almost makes life a little difficult at times. That is why I can easily understand when I start talking Android...
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Archos 81

What ever happened to ARCHOS? A lot apparently, check out what is Coming

After our post about the G1 battery door replacements covers, I started thinking about Android and the last few years of its life. We, as a whole, have come quite a long way in a fairly short time. The advancement from 2.5″ screens to 4.52″. Going from low-res to hi-res and...
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Android Fork

Why does it seem no one else is excited about Amazon’s Android fork?

We can all assume that Amazon’s upcoming tablet will probably sell pretty well. At half the price of other tablets and sitting on equal ground with its primary competition, the Nook Color, this should be a win, win for Amazon and consumers alike. That is not really whats exciting...
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[App] Hacker’s Keyboard – Offering a PC like keyboard to your Tablet or Phone

There are many keyboard solutions floating around the Market that offer various differences to the end users. Most are aimed at simplicity and being as compact, yet functional, for your everyday life. With the introduction of the tablet to the tech scene there haven’t been many...
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